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Toasters Seed Popping Micro Adventures

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by Toaster79, Sep 19, 2014.

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  1. WP_20140919_001.jpg WP_20140919_002.jpg WP_20140912_001.jpg WP_20140912_002.jpg WP_20140919_001.jpg WP_20140919_002.jpg WP_20140919_001.jpg So here we go again!

    This would be my second grow in my closet which was recently upgraded with additional 50W 2700K 95+CRI LED lighting which makes 100w total in 20"x40" place. Now I have complete spectrum of 2700K, 4500k and 6500K where 2700K makes one half of light. Previous grow wasn't much but it was an excellent learning experience. Well this one will be to, let's just find out what I've learned so far.

    To begin with I have one Dinafem Moby Dick seedlin about two inches big, and waiting for Dinafem Shark Attack to popp. I also have some beans on the way:

    Dutch Passion:
    . Eforia
    . Brainstorm

    Sensi Seeds:
    Indoor Mix (25 regular seeds)

    Sweet Seeds:
    Red Poison Auto

    Critical+ 2.0 Auto

    I've been thinking of growing four plants in my closet but will probably stick to two and train the hell out of them.
  2. WP_20140921_008.jpg
    Shark Attack showed up :D
    WP_20140921_004.jpg WP_20140921_006.jpg
    Moby Dick is doing great! The seedling is one week old and is already pushing out second set of fan leaves which are three fingered. It's about 10" away from the lights and seems to be liking it :D
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  3. looking good, next grow id definitely recommend painting the inside of your growbox flat-white. Get as much out of your lights as you can, your buds will thankyou ;)
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  4. Thanks bro. I've been a bit lazy I know. Should have done that between the grows. On the other hand, I've found some perfect silver foil in the company where I work which is really tough since it's used fo packing metal parts. Since I have night shift this week, I'll try to " borrow" some. Also need to mount one intake and one outtake fan on the sides of the closet. Intake in the grow compartment and outtake above lighting compartment to achive constant 23-24 deg C with lights on an off.
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  5. Today I added some green pest controllers :


    Three of them are flesh eating plants. Since I had some fungus gnats problems last run I thought that couldn't hurt. I'll be also getting some nematodes in case of fungus gnats problems.

    Shark Attack has shown first set of fan leaves and Moby Dick is growing third node.

    Also put one Critical+ on wet paper towel and one of the bag seeds I used for previous run.

    Just received email from Dinafem seed store. My Euforia, Brainstorm, Sensi Indoor Mix and Critical+ 2.0 Auto seeds are on the way.

    I've got a feeling it's gonna get crowdy inthere :D


    Keep it green!
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  6. RG420


    Great stuff buddy! Subbed
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  7. Thanks bro!

    Just noticed today, Moby Dick is already getting that distinctive red colour :D

    The first Shark Attack seed I put on paper towel didn't pop so u put another one down which sprouted. The thing is those seeds are at least two years old and haven't been stored properly. So I thought what the heck, took tweezers and pressed that bean lightly 'till outer shell cracked open just a bit. Today it's showing tail. So looks like there's gonna be two SA one MD and one C+. Beans on the way will have to wait in the fridge. Well, I might pop one of those autos till these fems are ready to flower since I decided I'll try myself at mainline technique with all four plants. Let's see how things turn out in next few weeks.

    Happy farmin'
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  8. WP_20140925_007.jpg

    Beans have arrived!!! :D


    Bottom one is the first SA that wouldn't pop without some help and upper one is a seed bag from previous run.


    Shark Attack from second seed


    Moby Dick day 12


    Keep it Green
  9. Forgot about some details. Soil I'm using is the same one azs in the first run but this time mixed with 30% of worm casting compost. Pots are 3gal I guess. Probably won't up pot since the space is very limited so I'll just pray those bitches don't get root bound. I'll also be using some worm castings teas.



    Also lifted everything closer to the lights. In the beginning they will see pretty much 4oooK and 6500k light and later on complete colour spectrum.


    +++++++ Vibes to everyone

    Happy farming
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  10. Moby Dick is getting more an more purple :D




    That Critical+ just wont pop. It was a single seed :( Anyways I put Dutch Passions' Euforia on paper towel. Now we wait again. So all four of them will be about four weeks apart.
  11. So, been away for three days and when I came home found quiet a pleasant surprise :D

    The second SA showed up so did that bag seed.



    SA#1 grew a bit too


    Not to talk about that MD. She's about to explode. But not everything looks so flush. I seem to be running into some kind of deficiency :( Has anyone got any idea what my girl seems to be lacking of? She's two weeks from pop and already unhappy :S





    Any help would be appreciate



    Keep it Green
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2014
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  12. Small update.

    MD was ready for a light manicure since she was shooting 6th node so I decided to start her cutting for mainlining.



    After manicure:


    SA#1 is also showing some progress but not as much as I wish. SA#2 is taking off really slow:



    Both MD and SA#1 got fed with tea today, now let's see if they show any obvious progress in growth .

    That Dutch Passion Euforia also broke the soil.

    +++++++ Vibes to everyone

    Keep it Green
  13. Nice get the topping started early this time good eye.. youll get better and better everytime.
    Also with your concerns about its health, she is just fine dont worry about her just getting acclimated to the new enviroment.
    Keep it up happy farmin;)
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  14. Yeah, looks like I had panic attack again :D :D :D

    Happy farming to everyone
  15. Righty than. Just can't resist uploading photos of my babies:

    Moby Dick enjoying some S&M bondage stuff:



    Shark Attack #1 not knowing it's getting butchered in a few days:


    Shark Attack #2 way behind:


    Bag seed popped at the same time as AS#2:

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  16. Dutch Passion Euforia counting its second day:


    And ofcourse cut of Moby Dick trying to be saved:


    and happy farming to everyone
  17. Weekly update. Yes, I know those veg photos are borin but I just cant help myself.

    Those were taken on Friday after I fed my girls some tea:







    Same order as always: MD, SA#1, SA#2, Bag seed, Euforia. Alls are doing great except for the SA#2. It's obviously a runt so that bag seed seedling is taking its place when ready for transplant.
  18. Those were taken today after cutting, fimming them:







    Happy growing to everyone

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  19. Kitty


    I like the pest controllers. Do you find them effective?
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  20. Cant tell yet. There are some little flies sticked to Drosera, fruit flies I'd say. But haven't got any other pests by now. Fingers crossed. I also have those yellow stickies and Neem oil just in case. Time will show. Those plants are still alive so they must be eating something considering I'm giving them water only.

    Keep it green!
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