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  1. Eggman

    Eggman Farmer

    Hey farmers. I`m new to this board and I`m in search of a bong that is called Toker 2.
    Haven`t seen one in quite a few years but would be very happy if someone could point me in the right direction to purchase a new one. They were very popular in my day.
    Best one in my opinion.
  2. SoilManD

    SoilManD New Farmer

    I actually have one of these vintage bongs. I recently was charged with cleaning out an old Hippies house due to a hospitalization, and came across one.
  3. Eggman

    Eggman Farmer

    If you still have it, can we make a deal?
  4. paco666

    paco666 New Farmer

    good memories....

    when i was a teen and first started puffin'... my buddie's hippie parents pulled a box of a shelf and gave it to us.... a toker 2.... it was awesome.....
  5. thc4sim

    thc4sim New Farmer

    Drop us some pics, i aint seen one of these bongs...
    or at least i dont think i have...
  6. Eggman

    Eggman Farmer

    I have no pics and have not been able to find any online.
    They might be out there but I haven`t found them.
    Looks kind of like a beaker with a short tube [about 4" long] shooting out of the side angled up and the bowl on the top.
    Made out of Pyrex. ? the spelling, they use the stuff to make cookwear-bakewear.
    Got me very well baked!
    Easy to clean and I really liked how they worked for me.
    Still looking
  7. wpw

    wpw Guest

    The Toker 2 was a softball sized borosilicate glass(pyrex) bong w/ a 4" flared tube coming up @ a 35-40* angle from the ball. The ball had a flat on the bottom for stability.
    On the front of the bong was a 6-8mm carb hole. The glass stem was held in place w/ a rubber stopper on the top...
    The Mini-Toker was of the same design but smaller....about the size of a baseball or tennis ball. The Mini Toker had a 2 holed rubber stopper that held the glass stem & a small glass carb insert.

    The Toker 2 & Mini Toker were my 2 favorite bongs & they were regulars in our stables for years....till they didnt survive the move from San Diego to Minneapolis...:(

    I would love to find a couple of em again....

  8. Mother Chucker

    Mother Chucker New Farmer

    I haven't thought of the Toker 2 in years.
    Nice trip down memory lane.
  9. Eggman

    Eggman Farmer

    Right on the money wpw! I had forgotten about the smaller one.
    Kinda like wishing I had all of the columbo seeds that one threw away!
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  10. paco666

    paco666 New Farmer

    mine had a black rubber cork with 2 small holes in it for the carb hole..... this would slow down clearing the bubble exponentially.... made for some killer monster hits.... great design.... i wonder why it faded into the past.....

    think i gonna talk to my glass blower friend about making a hand blown pyrex diy version.... he's got talent.... would look good in blue.... i think he has some of the small ones on the shelf in his head shop..... knockoffs, not real tokerII's.....
  11. redog

    redog New Farmer

    Toker II

    I was thinking this thing was a TokeMaster.
    Guess not.
    We use to make bongs in a buddies basement.
    His mom would get mad as hell when she smelled the acrylic after making the cuts on a radial arm saw.
    I always made tokemasters only because I thought it was a superior design having more compression.
    Lung power!
    Like to see one of these things your talking about.
  12. sir272

    sir272 Guest

    its in my house!

    by complete accident i found my dad's when looking for a webcam. I was cought smoking once and told i was going to be kicked out if it happend again. i know my dad used to smoke when he was in his 20s, but had long sence stopped. out of curiosity i googled the bong, it had that decal, ill try and get a picture tonight. ive only smoked a couple times, but i might end up useing this, im shocked he still has it. not sure what to do at this point. buti t seems this is a classic that has faded into the past, so i feel like some pictures would be a good idea.

    pics on my profile, save them somewhere as i probably wont stay an active user, thought id help out those who wanted to see it. how much is this worth by the way?
  13. _Toker II_

    _Toker II_ New Farmer

    Greatest Bongs in the World

    Here is a Toker 2

    Ok Ok I know its dirty... But you can see it better.

  14. Eggman

    Eggman Farmer

    That`s it!
  15. BongToker

    BongToker Farmer

    Milk shots!!!
  16. gromper

    gromper New Farmer

    Best Pipe Ever. Was attending Humboldt in the 70's. Guy down the hall had one of these and it was simply the best.
  17. rminkster

    rminkster New Farmer

    The Toker...Vintage Bong

    I have the original Toker. Gonna put it up on Ebay today. I cant' find another one anywhere. Vintage. Cool. Hmmmm.brand new to the site. Don't know how to upload photos yet. Look on ebay under Vintage bong if youre interested. Cool Bong from the early 70's.
    The toker has no carb. The Tokerll added it.
    lots of memories. fuun.

    ok just found attachment option but no luck uploading. OH on ebay.
  18. chiefsmokey93

    chiefsmokey93 New Farmer

    How much would you sell that for?
  19. OCPain

    OCPain New Farmer

    I just found one How much did you get?
  20. Opiumroses

    Opiumroses New Farmer

    Toker 2 Bong 4 sale!!!!! Hits like a champ. I have pictures! Email if interested please. IMG_20130716_190123.jpg