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Too Bushy ?

Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques & Problems' started by Sweetred, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. This poor GSC extreme clone had a hard life . As a result she was very stunted and stuff.
    Well she's growing out of it . I gave her a 15 gallon smart pot and started to feed it light general hydroponics veg. So now is it too bushy ? Should I clean up some or all of its undergrowth? Just my 2nd grow
  2. This will get nasty. Your plant started flowering at some point and is reveging now.
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  3. Yes it's true she was in flower at one time . I am still going to grow her out , I'm about to lolly pop her just because I d k what eels to do.
  4. Just let her grow. Trimming will just set her back. There is very little need to trim a plant outdoors.
  5. What is it? If it is pot of gold, it looks just fine. As for the other strains I think it is worth cutting it a bit.
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  6. Dan789


    Am I seeing a bunch of single bladed leaves? Doesn’t smaller number of blades on plants indicate having been stressed versus the more normal five, seven, nine bladed leaves?
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  7. heisen


    No it just means that plant was in flower and reverted back to veg.just let it grow out and dont do will be a good plant when it finishes.
  8. Two season's ago I had 8 plants that accidently started flowering at 3 weeks and we're not discovered until they had tiny budlets forming. I trimmed the budding tips off of them and placed them under 24hr lights and gave them veg nutes. In two weeks they completely re-vegged and were planted outdoors where they took off grew 7ft tall and6ft wide with beautiful buds top to bottom. I had never had this problem before and was very suprised at how well they turned out.
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  9. G gnome

    G gnome

    When in doubt do nothing at all....
  10. Thanks everyone for the help . I wound up clearing all the lowest growth. Here are a couple update pics.
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  11. I trimmed it 2 weeks ago , just the lowest branches and leafs. Oddly right after that it quit growing up and started growing out. I promise to just feed and water her from now on . Perhaps the plant knows what it's doing.
  12. She's a Girl scout cookies extreme, thanks for helping
  13. Update on my accidentally monster cropped girl scout cookies extreme grow
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  14. Told you this is gonna get nasty ;)
  15. Man were you ever right 14 stakes and counting
  16. Update pics
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  17. So many twist tyes
  18. Last update before I chop , this was fun and educational .
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  19. Those still have some time to go
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  20. I let my last batch go to long , its only my 3rd try , I'm nervous and open to advice.