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Too much nitrogen?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Infirmary' started by Dunge, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. Dunge


    This is an F13 in organic super soil 20 days into 12/12.
    Watering with alfalfa tea since flowering.

    Could the tea be pushing N too high?

    What else can make the leaves boat up like this?

    This is my only F13 and the only variety in my lineup showing this problem.
    I have yet to flowered this plant successfully, so it may just be too advanced for my skill level.

    Help me out farmers, what to do?
  2. RIPP


    I'm not an expert Dunge but it does not look like to much N to me.

    Take a clone if you can, then try to figure out what is wrong here.
  3. Dunge


    Thanks RIPP
    She is not hard to clone.
    The only time I grew her out was last summer in a light deprivation tent and I had to harvest early due to mold and cold.
    But the bud I got off her was the strongest and richest smelling yet.
    That plant failed to reveg, so this one is from seed with clones in veg to back her up.

    I have decided to only give her water for a bit and see what happens.
  4. Looks like a nute lockout, too much of one nute can block out others. But it looks like you are missing a nute, mag, copper, iron not sure. Look at the older leave and you can see the plant using the nutes in those leaves for new growth.

    You could have some aphids too, look at your damage on a few leaves, so take a close look for those critters too.
  5. Could be possible overwatering or maybe temp issues,too cold maybe,there real green but look good for this stage of flowering! How strong is the Alfalfa tea your using,Cause alfalfa is a source of Nitrogen and potassium as well!Maye cut back or dilute the tea a bit,could be the beginning of lockout as well!
  6. under watering by the look of the soil
  7. Look fine to me.I wouldnt do anything drastic at all,just let them grow.
  8. Dunge


    This is good advise.
    I will inspect for pests, but other than a few fruit flies, I believe the room pest free.
    Cold floor? Perhaps. Cool to the touch, 68 deg F (thermometer on floor)
    I'm liking the "too strong tea" as this is the most current variable to my "normal" grow.
    On close inspection I have noticed slight tip burn on new growth of my AK48.
    They are both identical in size and flower stage.
    So one of my plants is getting locked out and the other burnt by my alfalfa tea?
    Water only for a few weeks.
    Perhaps a top dress of high P guano at week 4.
    And go easy on the tea.
    It seems more influential than I had given it credit for.

    Thanks for the help.
  9. Well nute burn and lock out can go hand and hand so after a flush see what the plants look like in a few days and maybe treat with a lite tea, verry lite.
  10. Dunge


    Dialing in F13

    Three week update.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The first shot was at three weeks and I voiced my concern about the leaf curl.
    Second shot is today (six weeks) and leaf curl has advanced.
    Bud bulk seems week, but what is there looks very nice.
    I pushed another F13 into flower shortly after that first post.
    She is showing no indication of boating.
    I persist in suspecting that this plant was damaged by a hot alfalfa tea drench (though I have read it is safe full strength).

    Now that I think of it, why not get a shot of the replacement, because if it grows out as I think it should, she will be a thing to behold.
    Day 16 after 12/12.
  11. westcoast547

    westcoast547 Breeder Supporter

    I'd flush it with nothing but water for the next week or so. That looks to me like severe over fertilization which is causing your leaves to curl downward like that and stunting its growth. The leaves might not bounce back after the flush but the buds should start forming better for you. Are your containers straight super soil? Or do you have a layer of base soil on top? Also what is the ppm of the alfalfa tea at full strength? Just make sure it is not overly strong when you do use it. But IMHO since you are using a soil that is packed with nutrients already, you might want to just feed very lightly or nothing at all until your plants actually show you that they need something. Hope that replacement plant does well for you. Good luck.
  12. I knew the p[lant pictured had to be an F-13! Haha before i scrolled down and saw the text I thought to myself that looks like the one I got!
    It may be anyone of these suggestions really. I would not feed nest time she needs water and see what happens.
    Good luck

  13. it's overfed.. just feed with plain ph'd water for a week or two


    Looks like a Micro nutrient deficiency, Which can cause lock out, What is your micro source?
  15. Dunge


    This is my basic super soil:

    5 cubic feet local peat/sand blend (pure Alaska)
    3 cubic feet compost (looks like wood chips)
    2 cubic feet perlite
    .7 cubic feet earth worm castings ($26 per bag is why only one)
    5 pounds Bat Guano (high P)
    4 pound bone meal
    3.5 pounds blood meal

    No specific source of micro nutrients.
    Plan to drop the perlite as antiquated.

    Perhaps I am using alfalfa tea too far into flower.

    This is my first systematic effort to tune a grow to a specific plants needs (F13) All others seem resistant to whatever abuse I am delivering, but even the replacement F13 looks to be following the same leaf curl path.

    Would reducing the blood meal content help reduce N? Perhaps a different N source.
    My thinking is that N is not available until the microbes offer it up. True?

    What is most interesting is that my growing trials have evolved from "help me keep these plants alive" to "growth could be better".

    I credit you, my trusted advisers at the farm, with this rapid (in retrospect) development of some vital skills.

    I will keep reporting on this situation, but presently there is not much to show. Harvest of the original subject is expected in a few weeks with the backup F13 following a few weeks later.