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Top Feed Dosatron Vs Bottom Feed

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by Ogbullriderguy, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. Question. For commercial sized rooms 50k watts and up. Using the dosatron to top feed the plants. General hydroponics nutrients. When I used a bottom feed bucket system I fed the plants 4 times for 30 min ea time during the lights on and once In the dark. Switching to top feed w the dosatron ...would the nutrient recipe be the same? And how many times do you guys blast time...I find 1 minute blasts is good, but is 4 times enough? But the critical things is the recipe..for bottom feed 4 weeks into flower I had them on (for 50 gallon rez) 250 micro 250 grow and 750bloom/ to 250 micro and 1000ml bloom. Plus mag pro 250ml. Just curious if anyone knows if the recipe would carry to top feed? Dont see why it wouldn't but reading that it may be diff. Thanks ahead of time
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  2. Highkev


    I don’t see why you would want it to be different