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Top Growers Here On The Farm

Discussion in 'Basic Growing Information' started by bongzaway, May 17, 2018.

  1. I pop in and it of here on seems most of the old growers are gone.

    who is some of the best growers in here now and have the pics to back it up. I see Gnome's grows and his looks impressive.

    Who ya think guys and girls? who's burning down the house with fire?
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  2. MW7945


  3. yeah, i seen some of his stuff, must check further. thanks Agent 7945.
  4. G gnome

    G gnome Moderator Staff Member

    Daddys here.....


    Thx for the plug bro haha

    Lots of fantastic growers here still, man...
  5. Ar.BsG


    Many great growers/minds to learn from here !!
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  6. G gnome

    G gnome Moderator Staff Member

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  7. How do you gauge a top grower? That would help in my decision. So many ways to grow,,, realy hard to make a decision. 127783E0-19C7-4FE7-9C9D-65CADF5741A4.jpeg ill give it a try.
    Tuff shed grow
  8. nice shed-full diesel. whats growing up front? looks indica and early flowertime.

    to me the best growers have quite a bit of knowledge to share PLUS they get the results of making it dank. The peeps can eaisly identify bugs, pest, diesease and deficiencies. They know the the good breeders and genetics and what breeders and strains are hype and bs. Some guys are better growers indoors and some are better outdoors or with a specific grow technique. I like outdoor bed greenhouse grows mainly because I believe nothing can come close to sun power or having plants roots right inot the earths of mother. And "cost to grow" outdoors is hardly nothing.
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  9. 0F9304CE-FF78-4535-8020-CAFB0F354F9E.jpeg I like outdoor organic forest grows. It can be as simple as digging a hole. Pics taken early September, before the buds blew up.
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  10. ^^^ fukn nice ! you in Cali ?
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