Transplanting with OG Biowar - simple dunk n soak method

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  1. I would first like to start off by showing my gratitude to Cap; Thanks for making these products available to not only us farmers, but any grower that strives to maintain a healthy, properly functioning root zone. I have been using OG Biowar/Cap's Packs, for awhile now. I have been satisfied since day 1. I grow roots - the plant/bud is the byproduct... a very great byproduct:D alright thats enough brown nosing.

    Anyways, i thought this would be great to share with my fellow farmers. I have been using OG Biowar upon any transplant for months now, i have tried various methods of application: mixed into medium, direct powder to root zone, root drench, and even top dress(<dont do this). But the most successful and easiest application I have found is a simple OG Biowar dunk.

    -this is based strictly from my own applications and results-

    1.) I mix 1tsp of Nute and Root pack to 1 liter of unchlorniated water into a container of some sort. for new clones i use a smaller container to conserve product if needed.
    (the black shit on my wall in the background is the remains of an exploding bottle of organic bat shit...)
    2.) I mix the OG Biowar in fully, breaking up any clumps left over with my fingers if needed. I then take my clone/or small plant and simply dunk it into my mixture

    3.) I let this soak for about 15 seconds.
    and then i transplant into my container. I use Solo cups for clones.
    Now i do a little extra to my medium i transplant into. The medium i used on this i believe is straight sunshine #4. I also like to use a 50/50 ratio of peat moss and coco (ive been using sunshine#4 & Botanicares Readygro Aeration mix). both have done me right, i tend to like the 50/50 mix when i transplant into bigger pots/beds. for small cups i say fuck it and try to get done as fast as can.
    so the little extra i add is EWC, i like to use about 20% EWC in my medium. its like a 1/4 cup in a solo cup. i also add Mykos (from Xtreme Gardening) into my medium. I do this because i usually have it on hand, and i dont ammend my medium with bennies, so i feel as the roots grow into thier new container, they will have multipile points of contact through out with this strain of Glomus (great for the rhizosphere). i use anywhere from 1-3 Tbsp of Mykos/solo cup.
    :cigar:+:snaphappy: = blurry pics, scientifically proven.
    This is the result 1 day later- not sure if this is the same plant as pictured above- forgot to label my demo..
    i have more pics of the quick progression rate, but for some reason i cannot find them:(
    Anyways, this is a simple method i have been doing via transplant. I do OG Biowar dunks for newly rooted clones and for plants coming out of the solo cup into a 3 gal container. I have tried this on bigger plants but its a bit problematic for me and pretty messy, so i usually do a root drench of AACT tea that has my OG Biowar in it.
    thanks for peepin the thread,
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    Thanks for sharing Z!
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  3. Right on Z! I'm transplanting in a few days, going to try the dunk!
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