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Turning To Not Shatter :(

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by TwisTer46290, May 4, 2018.

  1. Hey guys! I'm trying to understand why my shatter is starting to phase change and maybe some advice on what I should do?

    I have two chambers on silicon mats with a pid. One set @ 96.9 and the paddy is 90ish, the other @ 103 and the paddy is the same. They've been purging for about a week +/- and I've been fliping them a couple times a day, then purging back to a little less than one bar (Not continuous, vac and pull). I freeze them inorder to flip them. I've noticed over the past two days they've started to look as if they're going to sugar or honeycomb on me. They came from the same harvest which was a low THC ChemDawg.

    I know high temps, terps, or agitation can cause this, but I don't believe they've played a roll.

    What do you think?
    Thank you very much in advance!

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  2. They once looked really nice! 20180502_211404.jpg 20180502_211404.jpg
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  3. Turns your temps down to 90 and flip more often it doesn’t have to be a liquid puddle to purge
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  4. Your asking for advise but won’t take it??
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  5. Inoreder for one to not take advice, it has to be given. So far you're the only one that has givin any and I have not said anything that insisted that I was not going to consider your advice. Except for the fact the your advice is already being curretly executed with maybe lacking an extra flip or so.
    Just because I state the knowledge that I have obtained and clarify that I don't believe these to be factors does not mean I'm not listening to people' advice..
  6. Sorry I thought you were the one who posted the last shatter help one I just realized you asked a question on that post and weren’t the OP.. my bad
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  7. You need to do it with a fresh batch there’s no bringing it out of that state
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  8. No worries my friend, I did try to find the reasoning myself before posting a common question. I just really can't put it all together yet.

    Even though the batch has started to turn into a sugar or honeycomb, I'll allow it to finish it's phase change and go from there. I'd just like to figure out what step I messed up on to get this out come. With two batchs at differnt temps I'm afraid starting a new batch with what material from this harvest I have left wouldn't be a wise choice, I feel like I'd be getting the same outcome. I did an old leafy shake batch the same way from a combo of strains to figure things out, it turned out really dark and gross looking ( as expected) but shattered up really nice.

    Do you feel that it could be the specific material I'm useing? Has anyone out there experienced a harvest that just wouldn't shatter? Has anyone messed around with ChemDawg? I've seen some awesome medicine made from it, unfortunately mine's not looking up to par..
  9. Dunge


    Is this what they call "buttering"?
    My oil comes out like this often, and has taken on the moniker of "baby shit".
    My friends still like it, but that name is a bit off putting.

    I don't have the experience to understand what is going on, so a detailed explanation would be appreciated.
    Neither do I have the tech to hold a narrow temp range. Advise here might help.

    I won't hold anybody to their reporting, so swing away and give up your thoughts on the subject.
  10. This is a handy read,
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  11. Sometimes from the scrape after the blast can cause that effect I have heard. Some people will pour in one area and scape into another just to keep them separate, just in precaution.
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