ugh - is my hash not good?? help!

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by iriea, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. iriea

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    made a bunch of batches of bubble hash this weekend... just checked it's drying & it has the ever so slight hint of ammonia smell. F#!K what happened? what do I do? how can I fix??

    the trim I started with was old but dried properly & not moldy or funky. I've had bags of trim in the past get that funky ammonia smell so I know I didn't start with that this time. errr what do I do? is it still smokeable? sellable? how can I get rid of the smell?
  2. Ammonia is usually a sign of mold, as you have likely guessed. Did you powder your hash to dry it or leave it in chunks. Powder dries more thoroughly. Pressed pieces can trap water which causes mold. Good luck. Peace GS
  3. iriea

    iriea New Farmer

    it's drying in little chunks - not fully powder. is there anything I can do to fix this??
  4. cannagirl

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    before you press it you can take you dried bubble hash and add it to a mason jar full of water. Then shake the living hell out of it, let it settle for a while and then you will see the mold spores floating on top of the water and the hash will sink. Use a spoon to get most of the spores out, then do this at least two more times.

    This only works of you have not pressed it. It you already pressed it, my suggestion would be to throw it away...
  5. iriea

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    THANK YOU! I haven't pressed yet, so will try this today. after letting it settle, scooping off the top & repeating then I run the water w/ settled hash through my bubble bag to strain & let dry again right? really appreciate your advice cannagirl!
  6. cannagirl

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    exactly! Good luck
  7. iriea

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    tried. still stunk. dumped it... waste of time but oh well.

    any advice on drying it better next time? My method has been the following - pull the bag, scoop out on to the nylon sheet that comes with bags. fold over nylon, press towel over it to get some of the water out, kinda chop up with spoon, dump into pyrex dish, spread out, crumble a little more - it's never powder... more like crumbles. dry for a week, then press.

    any advice on what to do different?
  8. You were golden till you pressed on the towel. This traps water in making it difficult to fully dry. I like to scoop it into a small kitchen then sieve and press it through with a spoon. This makes the finest powder I have encountered. I do this over cardboard making sure not to layer it too deep, thinner layers dry faster. I put the hash in my ballast room over my ballasts for 4 days and voila bone dry powder. Good luck Peace GS
  9. Blaze

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    Does your material have mold in it? Bubble bags do NOT remove mold as many claim.

    Also chuck the towel - anything that can absorb the oils form the hash should be avoided.

    Personally I find the powder method of drying and storage to produce a sub-par product but some people seem to like it. (no offense intended GS)
  10. iriea

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    no mold in the material. mold developed after while drying.

    so I scoop the stuff out of the bottom of the bag, put it on the nylon sheet... then put it through a sieve right away? or wait for it to dry a bit? won't it all stick in the sieve holes?

    blaze - ok, so chuck the towel, then what? ?I feel as though if I just let it dry on the sheet it'll just sit as a wet lump. how long until I put it in my pyrex dish to cure? please more details! thank you!
  11. SSHZ

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    It appears we do things similarly........ I press the hash, thru the screen, with a paper towel and then cloth towel covering it while rolling it with a rolling pin. I squeeze the crap out of it, then use a razor blade to chop it as fine as possible laid on a piece of thick cardboard. Left for 24 hours in a slightly "warmer" area, it will be perfect to smoke then. BUT,TAKE HEED- done this way the hash is hard to press. I just leave it in a small jar loose and nibble at it along with my other strains. Never had a mold problem done this way.....
  12. Blaze

    Blaze Well-Known Farmer

    First of all be sure to get as much water out before you scoop it out of your bags. I always jiggle my bags a bunch to get as much water out as possible before scooping it up.

    So long as you have your hash spread out thin, and have plenty of air movement, it should dry quickly, within 1-2 days depending on humidity. At this point it is ready to be hand pressed into a ball and can continue drying. Depending on the size of the hash ball, the environment, etc I let it continue to dry like this for several more days. Once I feel it is dry enough I wrap it in wax paper and seal it up in a jar. Wrapping the hash in something is one of the keys to getting a good cure and preventing mold from forming.

    Drying and curing hash is very similar to drying and curing bud. If you dry it too fast, and get it too dry, you degrade the quality. A slow dry and cure produces the best hash. I'd say about 95% of the bubble hash I see has not been dried, cured, or stored properly. Most people grossly over dry their hash out of fear of mold. Just like with bud if you dry it really fast and get it bone dry it really degrades the quality a lot.

    High quality bubble hash should have a nice oily sheen to it, be slightly sticky, and be very pliable and soft. If you get it right you don't even have to really press it - it will stick together on its own. It takes a while to get it right so a lot of this just comes down to practice and trial and error IMO. Each batch will be a little different, and need different lengths of time to dry and cure so you need to use your jugment

    Most of my methods are based off traditional hash making methods from the middle east. They've been making hash in that part of the world for a good 800 years so I think they know what they are doing more so than most westerners.
  13. Seamaiden

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    Ice in the Middle East 8,000 years ago? <grin>
  14. Blaze

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    Hehe, of course they didn't have ice back then. BUT they did have a very solid grasp on proper screening techniques and the same drying, curing, and storage processes still applies. I had a friend in college from that part of the world who was big into hash so I got to pick his brain a lot. He would always tell me my hash was the only hash he ever saw in this country that was like what he could get back home.
  15. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Moderator Staff Member

    I recently learned that the Romans brought ice down from the Alps. I said, "Dayumn!"

    I like your hash, too.
  16. motta-tokka

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    Dont press it ever. Skip that method and you will be golden. Just like they said once you press it you trap water in it. Just leave it out with a paper towel over it if your worried about dust. Never had a mold issue with bubblebags until I pressed wet.
  17. Blaze

    Blaze Well-Known Farmer

    I've found a really fine mesh screen can be a good way to keep contaminants out too.

    And yeah, don't press it when it's still really wet - it can cause issues later. It needs to get to a certain amount of dryness before it can be pressed (if you wish to do this step) and then stored.
  18. Plastic.Feet

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    I have friend who grinds it against a fine wire strainer while it's still wet, the purpose being to turn it into tiny curds of wet hash, but I find that it's best to avoid touching it with your hands as much as possible. That and some patience while drying are your best tools in making good hash, in my opinion.
  19. devious d

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    sure i heard recently bubble hash with mould both in the trim and the bubble is pretty bad for spores in your lungs could be wrong(threw mine away) pretty sure bho gets rid of it but not 100% peaceD.D
  20. Jarofunk

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    Years ago I made the mistake of pressing some hash that was too wet to be pressed. Some how i misplaced my jar with this ~2g chunk of hash in it. Found it months later, COVERED in mold. Nowadays i dry mine for 3-5 days, depending on the batch. It might take longer in a more humid environment, I live in a very dry area. Then it gets jarred.

    Try this little trick. When you pull your bag up out of the bucket and all visible water is gone, take a paper towel, and from the underneath side of the bag, draw water from the hash, through the screen.