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Undercurrent Evo 12XL ... 4500Watts ... Here we go!

Discussion in 'Under Current - RDWC Growers Alliance' started by Mr.GoodCat, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. Well after a lot of deliberation I am going to dive in head first into the undercurrent system and not look back. I am confident that with my grow knowledge and skills I can pull off numerous successful grows using this system.

    Here is what I have going on.

    Undercurrent Evolution 12XL
    6-600W Lumatek Digital Ballast w/Lumatek High PAR Lamps
    3-357W 6 Band LED Lights for enhanced spectrum
    6-8" Air Cooled Melonhead Reflectors
    12" Elicient Inline Fan for Air-Cooling Hoods
    6" Inline Fan w/Carbon Scrubber and backdraft damper to run lights out
    70 Pint Dehumidifier to help control humidity
    Mini PH Doser
    8 Light Master Light Controller with Dual Triggers
    1/4HP Titanium Chiller
    100Gal Res For top off
    PPM-4 Co2 Controller
    Dual Sentinel Co2 Regulators and a pair of 50lb tanks
    24k BTU Mini Split Air-Conditioner

    I will be using the Dutch Master Gold nutrient line with roots excel. Will be running 12 OG Kush cuts and scrogging, think they are the abbusive cut. Everything is ordered and on the way the build out will start in about 2 weeks so stay tuned.

    Any help during construction or suggestions is appreciated.
  2. Pics, pics, pics, we need pics!

    sounds like its go'n to be fun.
  3. Lets see some pix!
  4. I said everything is on order so stay tuned. You want me to take a pic of the empty room I will.

  5. Haha I've got enough empty rooms myself at the moment.

    Just subbing to follow along.

    Doing roughly the same thing, but (2) 9 site EVO's under 4k each.
  6. Cheerio Mr. Goodcat. Interesting choice of lighting, tuned in to see that in action. *Adjusts monocle and sips tea.*

  7. Pulling up a chair, looking forward to seeing your progress as this build is similar to one that I am going to be doing in the spring.
  8. May I join for the wait, I want to see what 600
    Do in this bad ass system
  9. best of luck brother, when the UC rocks it rocks. just make sure and have some babies vegging ready to go as a plan B
  10. Shady

    Shady Chillin' in the Shade... Supporter

    Sweetness... Can't wait to see you rock the house Mr. GoodCat! :rock
  11. Right on brother, be sure to get us some photos soon as you get setup people love to see whats going on.
  12. In line...
  13. lol you can always count on rollin in dough for some cool pics!
  14. sounds like fun. a undercurrent with led's i didnt think i would hear that in the same sentence! i'm pulling up a chair to see how this works out!
  15. Well I have been getting a little bit of stuff in here and there. One thing that I have decided to do though is keep it simple and run a dead rez. I am also not gonna run the DM line as I have seen some sub par results with this nute in the UC. I am using what I know ... AN Sensi 2-part with additives. In veg only gonna run the 2-part grow and zone. Also getting a merlin garden pro with pre-filters and sterilizer.

    Can't wait to see what you got in store.

    Yea me too.

    Thanks for all the advice and wishes.

    Hell yea homie this is gonna be fun.

    Will do.

    Dont loose your spot lol.


    Yea I have never been known to be conventional, but somehow I always manage to get some dank plants lol.
  16. Wassup fellow farmers. I have been a busy little bee renovating my room. A few things I thought I would share. I decided to go with a 1/2 hp chiller instead of the 1/4 and made an adjustment on my nutes. Here is a pic of what I will be running. Not gonna run the zone unless I run into some troubles down the line. I am only gonna run the hydrozyme for the first 3 weeks with the aquashield and sub m and sub b. AFter the benis colonize I will drop the zymes.

    I got a couple gallons of everything cause this is the first time running the uc so I am not sure how often I am gonna have to change out my nute solution. I would hate to tally up the total on this lol. I may be a little crazy running an unknown og cut for my first uc run lol. Its either the ha or the abussive cut maybe once we get rolling someone can tell me which one. Here is the new nute lineup.

    Sensi Grow A&B
    Sensi Bloom A&B
    Subculture M&B
    Bud Blood
    Big Bud
    Rhino Skin
    Sweet Raw
    Zone (just incase)
    nutes 002.JPG
  17. Cool I been waiting to actually see someone grow log using AN. I here a lot of shit lets see you make it work.
    Good luck
  18. Sensi Grow A&B
    Sensi Bloom A&B
    Subculture M&B
    Bud Blood
    Big Bud
    Rhino Skin
    Sweet Raw
    Zone (just incase)

  19. Watch out ph crazy ph swings with the AN base.... dropped ph by .2 nearly everyday.... that's why I switched to canna as base
  20. oh no... in for the show. Lot's of people will tell you not to use what you've bought.

    I say do what you want, but keep the log active even if you fail to have another grow to show people using AN... This reminds me, any grow I can show you using AN (except one) in DWC was either not updated after a couple weeks or failed.

    More people have possitive results with Canna A/B (nothing else) then people using AN base nutes.

    Good luck!