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Using "recharge" In Hydro? Anyone

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by straincreation, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. Hey guys so i recently began using recharge the mico supplement, i use bennies for years but have become tired of having to brew teas every week so want to save thay for the last r weeks or so. To my understanding there are quite a few of the same bacterias in the products, but there is a specific one in recharge that cope very well with synthetic nutrients. Sooo i plan on using this all threw veg and and most of flower.
    So my question us is anyone using it at the recommended dosage for hydro, it seems excessive once you put that much into watee and start running it threw your hugos, i also noticed some humic burn on some of the babies, it did react well do t get me wrong but seems like i can get by with less seeing as i am washing most of them out 3 days into the week. I applyed once a week im on week one of flower and things seem okay so far. Any inpyt would be great thanks.
    Happy farmin
  2. Haven't used on hydro but I use in soil with good results. I'd try using a bit less
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  3. I’ve used it in Coco hempy buckets a form of passive hydro with excellent results.
    Never tried it in bare root hydro
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  4. I just watched a Dude Grows episode and Scotty said to not put Recharge in the res. Just mix up a small batch and feed it once a week by hand.
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  5. Ya this is what i am currently doing but the dosage seems strog so im doing 1 scoop per 5 gal and it seems to be doing good. I just dont want to muddy up my higos with the mol it has in it
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