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Uv Lighting Suggestions

Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by Hdinkleman, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. Hi i was planning on getting some type of uv led light to go along with my current lighting. has anyone done this before here? well im sure someone has lol. Basically i want to know what worked and if you could post a link to a good one, that would be great.
    I was thinking on some type of uv led strip i could hang horizontally on the back wall of my tent.
    Any suggestions let me know please, thanks in advance
  2. Currently using a 18" 18w uvb reptile florescent with great results starting mid veg for 2 hours mid day.
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  3. oh so i am not supposed to use it the full 18/6 or 12/12 ? i have tried googling some stuff but there so much bullcrap online.
  4. my tent is only 2.5 x 2.5 so i dont think i need a whole lot of watts
  5. That's too strong and over priced. You don't want to kill your plants. 20$ at a pet store will get you a 10w uvb compact florescent. Too much UV is stressful and who wants hermies. Also don't open ypur tent when it's on.
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  7. I use Solacure lights. They are T12 lights 1.5” diameter. Very powerful! They make a 2’ bulb that can be run on the same ballast as the 4’ bulb and in fact will output the same amount of light as the 4’. These you only run for short duration. Start with 15 min per day at 3’ distance and increase time every few days until you start to see damage. The only problem is that it is tough to find a 2’ fixture with an F10 ballast. They sell a fixture with an F20 ballast which means the output is more like the 4’. The bulbs have internal reflectors. When I called I spoke with Dennis the owner and he gave me a deal on some 2’ bulbs that had been misprinted. They read Solarcure not Solacure.
  8. so i can just get a 14 watt cfl bulb at the pet store?

    does anyone have an actual link of something they used? that way i can just click and buy it
  9. Yes I do but I'm sure you don't want to wait. I ordered from China. Amazon has no waiting two day delivery.
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  10. Plus you'll need another timer and a clip light.
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  11. just show me the link for what you bought so i can get an idea of something that someone has gotten results with. its ok if its from china, i have enough time before flowering and also not that worried about costs.
    im a medical patient and i want to grow the best possible cannabis for my own needs, i think i harvested early and my first crop sucks asshole, barely gets me high which sucks, especially after spending money to get it dried and cured halfway decently
  12. Get a pocket microscope to be sure when to harvest. Sounds like a decent order for Amazon. I got mine here on Wish for 11$ Canadian with free shipping. But everything is more expensive now. Screenshot_2019-02-07-10-54-09.png
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  13. oh nice so its pretty simple type of lighting.
    yes i do have a pocket loupe, couple things happened during harvest, one i had no bud at all lol, two its my first harvest so i THOUGHT my trichones were cloudy, i also have AT LEAST 10% amber trichones, so was kind of confused. i was under the assumption that if i had > 10% amber trichones that the other ones MUST BE what i thought was cloudy, not clear. also i had no other cannabis to compare against, pretty sure the majority of weed i have copped from the streets is premature/garbage.
    now i for sure know when NOT to harvest lol, but isnt that weird that i had over 10% amber trichs but the rest were not cloudy? was it something i did? i do know my local grow shop said my plants looked chronically underfed from the pictures and descriptions i had told them
  14. So how long do i leave the reptile light on for? the full 18/6 or 12/12?
  15. Like above max 2 hours half way into 12/12 mid day. Supplemental lighting helps with trich development. What's your main light? Also I'm doing 11/13 instead.
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  16. i am currently in veg, seeds were started on january 1st.
    i have a HLG 260 3000k quantum board that im running at 140 watts, and also have a 75 watt COB 5000k inside the tent right now.
    i have two nirvana white widows growing in soil, and one nirvama original glue growing in CANNA TERRA PRO PLUS.
    my plan is to flower the two white rhinos, and while they are flowering, to move the 5k cob out of the flower tent and keep the original glue vegging.
    im not expecting a whole lot off of the white rhinos, but i want to veg the original glue into a 1lb mainlined monster.
    i am currently training for mainline on all three plants

    when i take out the 5k COB i want to get the reptile light and put it in the tent then when i switch to 12/12
  17. When you said 2.5 by 2.5 tent is that feet or meters? Because if it's feet 1lb is not possible in my opinion. I'm in a 2' by 4' by 78" and there is no way I can get a lb dry.
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  18. i really am confused how i have so many amber trichomes and not mich milky, some of my buds look golden, there are so many amber trichs which from reading i was under the impression that my buds had to be ready.
    i think growweedeasy is not a very good website, lots of bad information and fear mongering by nebula haze, the cannabis donald trump lol