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ventilation for 4x4x6.5 grow tent

Discussion in 'Growroom Design & Setup' started by Farmer J, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. I purchased a 4x4x6.5 grow tent and Im looking at the materials I need for ventilation.
    New 4x4 x 6.5 HYDROPONIC GROW TENT HYDRO BOX HUT - eBay (item 360062134499 end time Jun-22-08 23:00:00 PDT)

    There is a 4" flange outlet at the top back of the tent and two 6" flange outlets on the top and one on each side.

    To utilize these, I would assume I need the following (please provide your opinions): As the cubic feet is 20.8 (4x4x6.5 = 104 /5 = 20.8), I dont need much.


    1 x GrowBright 4" Inline Fan & Elf Carbon Filter Combo
    High Tech Garden Supply

    - I will also use an inline fan for my ballast.
    - I already have a 6" oscillating fan.
    - I need to find a light proof fan to install at the bottom for air intake.

    Feedback is much appreciated!
  2. Texas Kid

    Texas Kid Some guy with a light

    The 6" holes on either side is to run the 6" ducting off your reflector both on the inbound side and outbound side. That way you have an air cooled hood but the air never comingles with the air in the tent space. The only way you can run co2 is to set it up that way. A 4' or a 6" inline fan or even a 4" axial that kicks around 100cfm will work, you really don't need alot of suction cfm's on this one because you are just pullin the heat off your hood.

    You pretty much have to use an air-cooled hood in this setup and one with a 6" flange already is a plus.

    The 4" flange at the top is for the exhaust out coming off of the charcoal filter and fan. I will tell ya that it doesn't work very well when you set it up with the scrubber in the tent, even though that is how it is designed. It gens alot of heat and takes alot of the headroom out of the top which limits the adjustability of the hood hieght.

    There is also another 4" hole in the lower left side that is for some form of forced air but it is not needed unless you have alot of heat genin in there but it works good either way.

    If you not goin to run co2, you can just pull your total exhaust through your hood and out the top, as long as your turnin the air over this way works great but you need at least 400cfm to really pull good and then you can put a 100cfm on the intake so you still have negetive pressure in the tent.

    I have run the shit out of these tents in every size, every manufacturer, and configuration so holler if ya hit a wall.

  3. Thanks. I want to make sure I dont buy something I dont need.

    My ballast only has 1 x 6", so I should attach an exhaust fan to this and then the ducting out of the tent? I dont see many pictures on these setups.

    since this is my first grow I will only be doing 3 DWC buckets and 2 soil, no co2.
    my tent is in a room and I keep the windows open for fresh air, along with an osciallting fan.

    I need some way to pull fresh co2 into the tent, so whynot an intake fan?
  4. Take a look at a quick drawing I made.
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  5. perfect, my jorge cervantes book just came in!
  6. Texas Kid

    Texas Kid Some guy with a light

  7. if I connect the duct from my ballast to the flange, then I have nothing to stop the oder.
    should I connect my ballast to the carbon filter as well?
  8. check out the litlle blurb i wrote on custom closet question, im to stoned re-write evryting onto this thread
    good luck!
  9. link me?
  10. Texas Kid

    Texas Kid Some guy with a light

    I put my scrubber, fans, and ballast outside the tent...I don't like the space they eat or the heat they generate. I go straight out the top 4" flange and directly up into my attic which has the scrubber and inline fan setup up there.

    I do run (2)600w in mine though, I use the Sun System super full spectrum horizontal that holds two lamp assemblies in the one hood, works great but it is a little large for the 3x3 but in a 4x4 it is dead on.

    Also keep in mind that the top framework that you have to attach all this hanging wieght to is flimsy as shit and can bend and crater you table. Try and mount everything to the more sturdy outer frame and not the cross hatches that are small and weak.

  11. I have hangers for my ballast to evenly distribute the weight.
    I dont have an attic, so your situation wont work for me.

    what is a scrubber?
  12. be very careful about your tent. i'm sure you all know of the hydrohut f*ck ups that have been going on. that tent might have been lined with the same stuff, so be careful if your plants start yellowing up and die.

    get some chains to use as hangers. scrubber > light > fan in that order...
  13. Texas Kid

    Texas Kid Some guy with a light

    Scrubber = Charcoal filter = Elf or Goblin from Hydrohut

    Just be carefull with the flimsy center rods on top, it sucks to have your hood, lights, and ballast come crashing down onto your plants in a very unfriendly manner..

  14. if the light is in the middle, wont the air bypass the filter and get sucked in straight to the exhaust blower?
  15. This is how you set up if you shall ventilate and cool the light with only one fan and have an open system:

    filter - ducting - lighthood - ducting - extractor-ducting/exhaust

    If a closed sustem is made you run it with 2 extractor fans like this:

    1) Light-cooling: ducting from one bottom 4" flange and into one side of the lamp/hood, then you mount more ducting from the other side of your hood and into an extractor-fan that vents out one of the upper 6" flanges.
    -Now all the air that cool your lamp will be unaffected by the growing environment and don't need odor filtering.

    2) Then you hang the filter inside your tent and mount ducting to the last 6" flange.
    The last 4" bottom flnge is fine for wires or feeding pipes.

    (My older version Homebox only has 1 4" in the roof, but it's cool because the RVK 100/125 fit snugly by just laying it flat/horizontally over the outlet and have the vacum suck the sealing completely tight.)

    Good luck whatever you end up doing.
  16. hello green brothers. could u me help out pls. i am planing to have my ten in a atic(loft) so in a winter its gona b little bit many fans and how powerful they should be in a tent. more i read about it, more confused i get.. i am not planing to use co2 system.. or i realy should for that size of tent??? thanks a lot
  17. nice 1
  18. jcash


    hey koopa troopa just wanted to know if the hydo hut silver editions are IR proof since you were commenting about them?