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Vg Tincture

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by druc, Aug 18, 2018.

  1. druc


    Hi fellow farmers!

    I forgot to decarb my buds before marinating in VG.
    Can i decarb while in VG? If so how would i go about this?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Dude you don't need to decarboxylate in order to get the effects!
    the only thing decarboxylation does is makes all of the unavailable compounds turn into available compounds so you still have active material there it's just not as active as it could be

    so your answer is yes and to be completely honest I don't think marinating is the best idea

    I would say Crock-Pot it all up on low for 24 hours then the next day when some is cool and give it a try and if you're not satisfied either we run the same material into it for another 12 to 24 hours or add new material completely up to you

    I used to make them on a factory production kind of scale all by myself so it's right up my alley and in the future just don't forget to decarboxylate
  3. I've experimented with all sorts of temperatures with and I found that a hundred and seventy degrees Works amazing for me and I'll let it go for at least an hour and then when I get that really really ripe sweet smell that I know all the goodies have converted into the good stuff like I wanted it to and then we run it

    Sweet smell I speak of is unmistakable when you smell it then you know it's completely done especially if it crumbles when you grab it with your rubber gloves and it breaks down really fine
  4. druc


    Thank you for the above info. If I don't have a slow cooker can the same result be achieved by putting the combined flower and VG that is already in a mason jar into the oven at a set temp for a few cycles?
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  5. Yes cook it on the lowest setting , a cooking thermometer would help too
  6. Maybe put mason jar In pan simmering water like a double boiler n let it simmer for x amount of time im not a tincture guy so thats just my guess hope ya get what ya need mate
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  7. Tried that forever ago and takes way too long lol
  8. Crock pot or covered pan on low man , when its amber in color she's done
  9. Just finished my 1st batch of Glycerin tincture. ( I didn't want to use Everclear for this run)
    1/2 ounce of homegrown decarbed bud
    1/2 cup of Veg. Glycerin
    six hrs in my Levo extraction machine.

    POTENT AF! 2 sublingual drops and I was toasted!
    Tincture 12-7-18.JPG

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  10. Dan789


    Before hitting the oven with your mix, what is the “vg” ? No alcohol should be in anything that goes into the oven, just sayin...
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  11. VG= Vegetable Glycerin
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  12. Dan789


    That’s my go to process, agree that it takes time, but I’m using 200 proof alcohol and I don’t want to show up on the evening news...
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  13. This is my 1st foray into tinctures..If I had to buy my weed and not grow it..I would turn the purchased weed into tinctures..Two drops sublingually and I am toasted for 4 hrs or more..(body high)
  14. gwheels


    That levo is pretty nice. Doesnt hold as much as the MGBM but it does the job nice and quiet like.
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  15. Yes, and they have some super duper model selling for $350 now!
    The major thing I found (besides its fragility) is the need to make it so that it holds more weed and less butter/oil. Mine (the original) came with one single pod (holder for weed). I added another single and a double making a total of 4 pods that barely fit inside. I have to interrupt the cycle during the brew to push the weed in the pods deeper to make better contact with the butter below. Therein is the issue..You must put too much butter in the thing to keep the level above the weed in the pod(s) and have it flow thru all the weed.

    My solution is primitive but works. I also rotate the pods (again, it's only designed for one single or double) to make sure that all the THC is infused as much as possible.

    The pluses are that the Levo can be adjusted, both time and temps in single minute/degree increments unlike that nasty whirring lights, no noise, and no straining needed (it doesn't chop the weed).

    Major plus: all parts (except the temp probe) that come in contact with the butter can be easily removed and put into the dishwasher. A buddy has both and hates the cleanup of the MBM2.

    Bottom line: would I buy again..YES!
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