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Ville de Quebec?????

Discussion in 'Français' started by Donk Frog, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Donk Frog

    Donk Frog Guest

    Just moved back to Quebec City, I speak and read french but my writting sux....any farmers in the area??????
  2. Donk Frog

    Donk Frog Guest

    no growers in Quebec city?????....come on really????
  3. Basse laurentide

  4. sevens


    je suis nee au quebec ..ville vanier est ou je suis nee ..demeurere 18 ans a val belair .....pas pousser beaucoup au quebec mais fumer lol c as c est une autre .
    je suis maintenant en ontario depuis 25 ans ...
    toi tu pousse a l interieur ou ?....
    paix 7 :)
  5. Donk Frog

    Donk Frog Guest

    One thing I willsay about Quebec city is prices are awesome when your forced to buy some , with top grade kush, and jack herer going for 140$-160$ a oz 1600$lb and m39 and chin or super chin for like 100$ oz or 1000$lb...... so it not that bad to buy...if you have too
  6. Well comme tu le sais, je viens pas du quebec mais, je parle francais aussi.
    But my writing sucks too! lol. I speak it allot better.
    But even then, not allot of people speak french around here so i lose allot of it.
  7. Hello everyone, hi Barefrog et Egzoset. I'm a grower recently back in Quebec and doing my thing growing some excellent strains, both indoor and out. :)
  8. L'Ontario, c'était bien mais le Québec pour moi, c'est là ou je suis vraiment heureuse. Je suis venue ici après qu'un ami ( Barefrog ) me l'a suggérer parce que je suis avide d'expérimenté avec de nouveaux strains et qu'il y avait de vrai pros ici. À présent, je suis en train de rempoter mes plantes, tant pour le veg que celles en floraison. Je passe du chimique à l'organique.
  9. I'm also thinking about creating my own strain or, if you will, an hybrid strain. It will have to be an early finisher ( by end september outdoors ), be a good producer and have some really great medical qualities such as pain management, appetite enhancer, etc,. For now, what have in terms of female plants that could work in a crossing are; Big Freeze, O.G. Kush, and a Durban Poison crossed with U.K. Cheese ... any ideas out there for a male that would be great to pollinate one of the above female plants. Thank you for any input. :D