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Want To Make Bho With 220 Micron Dry Ice Hash.

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by Canna rt802, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. Hey folks first post on this forum. Was formally on rollitup but see alot of helpful info on this site so I may do the switch!

    So as of now I have 436 grams of 220 micron dry ice hash... 3C619310-76A2-4A83-A946-A1146CC13A8E.jpeg

    I would like to make shatter! I've done multiple runs with my open blast tube but feel like this really needs a good soak! I don't want to invest the money into a closed loop just yet...

    I could turn my open blast into a closed column extractor...

    Or I could possibly do a butane thermos soaking the hash in the butane in a stainless steal thermos with the thermos sitting in dry ice keep it the coldest it can be.

    Do I have any other options?
    How long should i do a soak for?
    Thanks everyone!
  2. nothing ?
  3. Just search. There is a whole sticky thread about using a metal thermos
  4. thats some great help... first post on this site and this is what i get. of course i read the thermos thread. but i didn't see where it talks of using kief or hash. so i don't know how long i would need to soak for ? longer shorter ?
  5. keif is different to run. lots of pros will use things like a vibrator or metal balls in the material column and magnets outsiude the column in a closed loop to really stir shit up during the soak when running keif. do you have a vac oven?
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  6. With that shit attitude ya might wanna stick to rollitup
  7. see stemznseedz gave plenty of useful information... unlike your shitty comments. have yet to have any forum problems till you came along... are you the big bad drama queen of the farm ?
  8. hey thanks for the reply . i have a 3 gallon vac chamber. haven't invested enough money into this hobby yet to invest in closed loop or vac ovens unfortunately :/
    so what if i soaked in stainless steel thermos that is sitting in dry ice ? i could stir/shake the thermos a little bit to get everything moving around. would the hash instantly dissolve in the butane or should i soak for atlas 30 minutes stirring in-between ?
  9. G gnome

    G gnome

    I like u already!!!

    Theres a dude who pops on here occasionally and is a wealth of info.

    He might be just the dude to answer ur questions. I cant offer any advice i have very lil experience with what ur doin. Ever thought about rosin?
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  10. Nope, just a grown man, trying to help. I'm not here to tell you anything. In fact I wont tell ya a damn thing. Shit , with over 400 grams of kief, you're obviously a big shot . I'm sorry to offend you sir. Haha Haha . I eat 400 grams of kief a day sprinkled on my ice cream. I sleep in a bed of resin and wash it off with bong water every morning. I'm clearly thw big badass aroind here ..hahaha
  11. i would buy or make a rosin press
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  12. why do you have to use butane? there are better methods of extraction for keif. checkout future4200

    I would get a couple gallons of everclear or 710spirits. throw it in a bucket with a paint mixer drill attachment stir it like crazy for 5-10 mins then filter it using a panda spin dryer and dudadiesel filter bags. then winterize and or carbon, celite scrub
  13. Wow Thank you everyone. Didn't realize I would get so much help from respectful forum moderators! I've read alot of sixstrings and your Info on various subjects in the industry. Would just like to say thank you.

    I've thought of the rosin press but not being able to run large amounts would be time consuming I would think? I've never used a rosin press but I would think the plates wouldn't hold much and the time to reload the plates would take much more time then purging final end product using ethanol or butane? @sixstring i could be totally off on my thinking but I feel like this really would take alot of time and some effort?

    As of now my stoned mind is leaning towards using a stainless steel cooking pot that is buried in dry ice. Next I'll drill the (3) 1/8th inch holes in the top of the lid, one for the can tip and the other 2 for exhaust so the pressure doesn't rise.
    I will stir the butane and kief mixture every 5 minutes and soak for 30 minutes In the stainless steel pot that is buried in dry ice.
    Keeping the butane on dry ice will act as a winterizing method. Also using dry ice hash i have alot less plant material in my runs meaning I should have less condensation build up and less fats and lipids in my final product.
    I'll be doing this tomorrow morning. I'll keep everyone posted!
  14. tifosi


    I do as sixstring does it seems to make nice dabs. try a few different amounts to find the amount with the least waste.
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  15. My press handles a half oz of bud or an oz of dry sift so yeah doing a pound would mean I would need to stuff about 18 to 20 bags and press them so probably about 3 or 4 hours to process a pound of dry sift with my wife helping . But a proper purge takes all day unless you have a nicer vac the rosin is pure/clean.

  16. Wait what??? You can process an Oz of kief at a time? Okay I'm definitely listening. Where can I find more information cause I'm sure you have already written this all down before haha.

    Also what are your yeilds like per Oz dry sift run?

    Thanks @sixstring
  17. if you look at rosin id look at on IG they make cheap drip tech units, you could batch squish preloaded ingots and drip it straight onto a platter without cleaning between presses
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  18. I'll check it out now bud
    These guys are site sponsors and their prices seem very fair.check out their new caged units.3 x 8 or 4 x 10 plates will do larger runs.also check out this section for methods on rosin,bho,and other concentrates
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  20. Trust me you don’t need a “good soak” with bho! All that is going to do is clog things up a quick wash is more then enough!
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