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Warning! Peg 400 Uses In Vape Pens

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by DemonTrich, Dec 22, 2017.

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  2. GrowGod

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  3. Read the link. Peg and poly turn into formaldehyde when heated to vape temps. Veg doesn' and is reported safe.

    Another reason I only use terps to thin out my distillate for carts now.
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  4. Two.Bears


    at very high temps a small amount of Formaldehyde is produced. but temps below 475 degrees BOTH Propylene glycol AND vegetable glycerin are safe.

  5. They clearly state in the article that it degrades to formaldehyde at 230 degrees.
    "They heated these compounds to 230˚C, a high but plausible temperature for a vaporizer. PEGproduced a large amount of acetaldehyde and formaldehyde, two carcinogens. Their work also confirmed that PG decomposes into formaldehyde at this temperature"
    Just saying, sounds like a lot of ppl been ingesting poison thinking its safe.
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    230 is 446 degrees.

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  7. That's why I posted this up.
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  8. There's really no reason to vape above 390°f


    Hope you guys use temp controlled mods for vaping.
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  9. Most vape pen batteries are not adjustable.
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  11. My bad
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  12. SteveT


    propylene glycol and glycerine both hold GRAS status with the FDA. (Generally Regarded as Safe)

    I vape tons of nicotine for over ten years. I am fine although I have started to make my own liquid due to some unsavory characters in the industry.

    I use VG and flavors supplied by NicVape as they are very transparent about their COA results.
    PG I actually get veterinary grade USP because who can beat $25/gal.

    I'd stay away from any species of ethylene glycol.
  13. Reading the study, it showed that when using a 3.3v setting, no formaldehyde was produced. Only with the 5v were they able to produce the nasty stuff.

    Doesn't this suggest that's it's completely safe for vape pens which use low voltage coils? Pens just don't burn that hot, otherwise the oil tastes like crap.
  14. Ya and to you doosh bags who think adding vegetable glycerin to rosin and calling it "sauce" is a fucking moron at it too..sorry..dont think those chemicals should EVER for any reason be mixed with cannabis if it still going to be called medicine.
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  15. Where did this come from? Surely not this thread, I didnt see anyone say anything remotely close to that. :bored:
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  16. Sorry..didnt mean anybody here in particular.