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Water Fertlizer Mix Question

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by londoncal, Jul 19, 2018.

  1. brothers & sisters,
    I plan on mixing 5ml of fertilizer (Schultz bloom builder 5-30-5) in 8 litres of water (2 gallons). The plants are in the soil and are 3 months old. It's my first feeding and I want to avoid a burn so I purposely using a low dosage.
    How much of water+fertilizer mix should each plant receive, 1/2gallon, 1 gallon.2 gallons etc....

    plant info
    exodus cheese-photoperiod
    approx 3 ft tall
    in soil
  2. not much info here,picture says a thousand words,lol
  3. G gnome

    G gnome

    I wudnt use shultz
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  4. curious, why pics make a difference, regarding water+fertilizer amount?
    do I give each plant 1 liter? 1 gallon, 2 gallons??
    Perhaps, pics will mater after feeding?
  5. all I have at the moment, next time I will use something different!
  6. trying to help,i see it not needed
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  7. hawkman


    if first feeding use 1/2 strenght nutes to 1 gallon of water increase after the 4th week to full nutes if you want (can use 1/23 stenght thru entire gor ( when it cokes to nutes "Less is best)
  8. What size container are they in?? I give my girls anywhere from 12-20 fluid oz of water or feed each time,they are in 1 gallon pots.
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  9. hi kana,
    these ladies are in the ground, 3 months old approx 3ft tall
    soil +perlite mix
  10. Not sure I'd start with a gallon per plant,check daily and get a better feel for how much is needed and how often,not sure really but that's where I'd start at...
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  11. Many thanks to Hawkman & Kansabis!!
    Thank you guys for the help, I really appreciate the guidance!!
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  12. No problem,I envy you as I wish I could have some ladies outdoors,some day soon I hope.
  13. brother, I hope u get your outdoor grow, sooner than later!!!
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  14. 3’ tall plants that are in the ground. I would suggest giving each of them at least a gallon. Maybe even 2 gallons per feeding. Depending on how fast they soak it up.
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  15. one gallon per plant at 1/4 fert strength?
  16. In the ground I would go at least 1/2 strength nutes if not full..maybe not every watering though.
  17. fertilizer instructions as per package state 20ml mix into 7 liters of the ground 10ml should be ok?
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  18. kansa,
    thank you!
  19. I agree, at least half strength.
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  20. Out of curiousity,what kinda nutes ate atu using??