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Water Temp??

Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by GanjaNGains, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. with the summer here and a heat wave that is ridiculous outside temps reaching 106 what do think the plants water being fed Temp should b?
  2. Feed them in the morning like at 6am,when your tank water is fresh
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  3. I keep a 45gal brute commercial garbage can as my water holding tank. It's in a basement setting, and keeps at 73* yr round.
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  4. rascali


    Pretty much everything I've read, states that for indoor soil/soiless grows 68*f is the correct temp. Anything colder reduces root activity and hence, throughput until temperature rises.
  5. About 66* roots stop uptaking nutes and growing. They stall so to speak warms up a bit
  6. Root zone temperature and water temperature are different things. Rootzone temp is ideal at 68-72 degrees. I like to chill my water temps to 60(lots of oxygen at this temperature) and in an 80 degree room this brings the rootzone down to about 68-70.
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  7. My water is kept outside under on patio Iv been having to take water out of Res and put in fridge to cool down
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  8. If anything I'm worried about r being to warm
  9. What's your current water temperature? Grab a thermometer and stick it in your root ball and see what the temp is. Adjust your water temperature accordingly.
  10. @GanjaNGains

    Put 3/4 filled milk jugs frozen in your water holder. I'm sure that will drop temps a lot. May need 2 or 3.
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  11. Good idea will try
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  12. A lot of hydro guys and aero clone guys use 20oz frozen pop bottles with food resulting res temp drops.
  13. Good idea this is my first summer dealing with that as some changes to be grow have resulted in me having to keep res outside F these 106 degree temps. What will the result of y water being to warm be do u think Iv never actually measured temp of my water before as Iv never Felt it really nescesary until now
  14. I'm not sure what temp is havnt measured that yet as I usually just go off of feel to touch but now I'm gonna need be more precise
  15. Well anything higher than 75 or 80 and you'll run into a large variety of problems that I can't even begin to explain. I use a jbj arctica chiller. Works great and is pretty easy to set up.
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  16. this is what I do, two 20oz bottles helps drop the temps a couple degrees especially when the lights go off. I really don't start worrying until I reach 75. I'm also running Hydroguard to help with root rot issues with higher temperatures. My last grow ran between 65 and 70 and everything went fine with no root issues
  17. What is that and how does that work?
  18. It's a little machine that chills water for aquariums. Works great
  19. I totally disagree...unless you can prove otherwise...I live in rural NC and feed with well water. Out of the tap water temp varies depending on outside temp between 75 and 76 degrees...and have never had any problems what so ever...its what is natural so why do you think lowering the temp will be better..maybe O2 Saturation...if that's the case than nothing will be growing in warmer climates...Cannabis is a hardy plant that adapts to its living conditions and why change what nature does for the plant..
  20. If you feed with fresh water like that daily, yes that will absolutely be fine and works great.

    For people like myself, it won’t work. I keep premixed reservoirs with timed feeders that will last up to two weeks. Water will not stay good and ph will not remain constant at temps above 70.