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Week 6 And Still So Small...

Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by Garlitz7, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Hey guys need some advice. I got 2 white widows and 1 Blackberry OG going in my veg tent right now. White widows are at 6.5 wks and Blackerry is at week 9(topped about 1.5 weeks ago). I thought I could wing it with 2cfl’s in my 2x2 but I think I just need a better light. Any opinions on getting these things big? I’ve been giving them fox farm nutes every water. I want atleast a pound from the 3 of them.
  2. 0306AD84-3F7F-463F-8471-1B09B705BE5B.jpeg
  3. 1 lb = more lights, larger tent. My experience with four larger plants, veg and trained for 90 days and minimal effort under a 1K HPS resulted me approx 12.5 oz. This by no means is excellent for the set up, but second grow in the tent and didn't do too bad. My suggestion, invest in a better light, larger space and don't bank on a pound. Expectations may be good to set goals, but may also cause discouragement. Just grow. Lol.
    In the mean time, plants look good and you can top them, LST, or whatever to create more bud sites and a nice level canopy. How many CFL? Watts? They work, but must be close and adequate watt.
    If you plan to use the 2x2 to finish, upgrade light and get those girls into flower soon. Consider other factors such as air exchange and circulation. Odor will be an issue too. Be prepared.
  4. This is just my veg tent. I gotta flower tent that is 4x8 with a 600w led in it and I have an air filter for it. I have two in there that still have about 8 weeks left till harvest. So when those are done I will switch them in the bigger tent. For the small tent,I have 2 cfls I got off amazon(was kinda tight on my budget) they are just 33w each so I’m guessing that’s why it’s slowing growth
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  5. Here’s a pic of my flower setup
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  6. Ok. Here I'm thinking you only had the 2x2. LMAO! Yeah, you're on the right path. I'd still upgrade the lighting at this point. And pics. Makes these forums more fun. What's going on in the flower tent?
  7. You posted as I asked. Hahahahaha.
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  8. What kind of medium? Soil mix? Coco mix?
  9. Yeah lol I upgraded to the 4x8 after my first grow, damn autos only got me half an ounce haha. This is my first time doing photoperiods, I should have vegged em a little longer I think
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  10. Fox farm ocean and I feed em fox farm nutes
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  11. Veg time is very relevant to amount of yield. Also pruning and training. On top of strain and environment. For comparison, a 90 day veg on some Deathstar yielded about 2.5 - 3.5 oz per plant for me. If you train plants for multiple tops you'll increase the yield. IMO, more lighting for higher yield. Any thoughts about that? Sticking with LED?
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  13. I doubt that LED is 600watts (brand plz)..I like about 50 watts per sq ft (or more) with burples and 35-50 watts with pure white SMDs. Most imported LEDs claim to be equivalent..blah, blah,,BS..Real watts from the wall is what I mean. I run over 500 true watts in my main 3x3 flower tent of mixed types and spectrums. Veg closet is 100% pure white (QBs and Photon white light).

    Yeah..I stuff em in bigly..LOL
    BTW: for me, it's not about yield long as the quality is there and I get enough to make it worth my time, $$ etc.
    10-30-18 2.JPG
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  14. And I gotta question, I topped my blackberry OG and I didn’t think I fimmed her or what she has 2 new main branches plus a little branch growing out of the topped node as well.
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  16. Keep veg simple under the cfl. Maybe add more. Improve the flower with another led.
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  17. Side note...I see the labeling on your photo. You use a grow app?
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  18. What's the question plz?
  19. Yup it’s called Botanica
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  20. Is it normal for the plant to come out like that? Will I have three mains instead of just two? All the other times I’ve topped two mains just pop right out but this time it has 3
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