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What’s Everyone Paying For Dry Ice

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by dabarino, May 7, 2018.

  1. 6C36DAC3-0BC0-4051-AAD8-FD9E6B12128B.jpeg I’m getting pretty sick of paying a small fortune for dry ice.. what’s it worth where your blasting from?

    I just payed 3.69 a kilo And got 20 kilos for 90.62. I do 6-8 runs and process 2 pounds with that amount.
  2. DGP


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  3. I’ve seen the fire extinguisher trick before but I can’t see that being practical to produce 20-40 kilos a week
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  4. 200+ 70 cents a lb at Oxarc in Oregon. More with bulk like almost 50 cents. 500+
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  5. That’s not bad a lot cheaper then I pay. But a lot more volume as well
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  6. DGP


    The fire ext trick was just an example as it can be done from a large c02 cylinder as well.....
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  7. gwheels


    1 kilo = 2.2014 pounds so the 3.69 is 1.68 per pound. And if that is Canadian dollars (because you are buying kilos) it would be 1.29 per pound USD
  8. My local 24-hour grocery store (Meijers) that's a regional chain similar to Walmart has it for $1.69lb in block format.
  9. I wonder how much dry ice a 35lb tank can make because refills are only $12 here. 7lbs is about break even with just buying it.
  10. Anybody in morcal wanna whio uo over 100 pounds of trim into clear for me ill do a 60 40 split u can keep the 60, i kus meed it done asap. Dm me
  11. I just picked up 60lbs for $40, xtractor depot in so cal
  12. I just payed 94.50 ish for 50 lbs and he gave me a deal so I didn’t have to put like 7 bucks on my debit card