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What Am I Doing Wrong? Getting Waxy Dry Oil

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by mikeb437, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. I’m not sure if my temperatures are too high or what but every time I make oil it’s turning into a waxy dried up substance rather than some nice shatter. Can anybody give me some help or advice?
  2. Definitely looks
  3. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    What temp? Are you using a rosin press?
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  4. I kinda like it like that myself lol.
  5. Bho. Vac purged it in double boiler. I’m not sure what temperature it was at. I was just trying to keep the oil molten so that I would get a reaction in the vac chamber. Every time I would turn the heat lower the oil would harden up too much and nothing would happen. I can still taste a little butane in here So I know it isn’t clean but I do not want this stuff turning into golden crumble. I’m trying to make shatter
  6. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    Ahh ok. I have no experience with that. I’m sure others do tho. I can help with rosin but that’s about it. Kudos.
  7. Rosin is the tits man. So much flave
  8. Ive tried rosin with a curling iron. I found it very hard to Collect the oil off the paper. Naturally i was doing very small buds. And getting small amounts of oil. I need to get out of the butane oil though
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  9. Temps to high at some point in the extraction and purge if not throughout the entire process. Still looks good tho I’d dab the hell out of that
  10. Kfos


    Looks like a+wax. I vac purge at 95 to 100. At 100 you can handle it. Not sticky but will still bubble. Can take 24 hrs for bubbles to fully pop I have found. Even purged longer at times
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  11. Try making rosin again, but next time freeze the parchment paper with the rosin for a minute or so..then be careful as it will probably be like shatter and fly everywhere. I haven't had anything made with solvent in over a yr..Love that rosin.
    I use one of those blue freezer packs when collecting most of the time.
  12. 1diesel1

    1diesel1 Moderator Staff Member

    I’m not sure if this will work for you. My shatter guy showed me if you take a torch and slightly heat it, glance over it with a flame. You can, I think he said reactivate it. What that means I do not no. But he makes damn good shatter.
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  13. Madbud


    Which brand butane are you using?
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  14. Jack og

    Jack og Moderator Staff Member


    This site is one there easier and most clear instructions I’ve come across.
    Rather then me repeating it in text.
    Read up here and it’s very informative.
    Key is good butane. Cheap shit will make crumble like what u see.
    Quick check, squirt some in a mirror and let it evaporate, if it leaves a residue. Don’t use it.
    Vector is what I have used and it’s stuff is pure .
  15. as long as you distill your butane use what ever brand you want. And no brand including vector is “pure” they all contain some form of mystery oil
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  16. To avoid the waxes being extracted you need to work with as cold material and equipment as possible. I'm assuming you're open blasting so investing in a tube with a jacket that you can fill with dry ice and iso mix is a good idea. Freezing your extraction tubes is a must. The butane is important but not the biggest deal. I've gotten golden clear shatter using 5x butane. The main key to your final consistency is your purging process. A double boiler method works but will usually lead to crumble because of the high and uncontrollable temperature. I really recommend a vacuum oven if you're aiming for a nice shatter. That way you can control your temps to keep it low and like @Kfos said, it can take 24 hours to fully purge. You can get most of the butane out just in a heated pan but to get everything out it should be in a vac oven for 12-24 hours with a flip in between.
  17. Jimster


    The source material has screwed me a few times when I used a few popcorn buds and trim as a base for BHO. I guess there is a ton of wax in the leaves and that a freezing process will take most of the wax out of the mix, providing a better product. I've never had enough "extra" buds to take a few Oz's and try making decent shatter, so BHO is about as good as I am going to do it, although I just give it a few days to degass since I don't have any vac systems handy.
  18. It takes a lot longer then 24 hours to properly purge shatter..
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  19. This is why I never bothered with BHO. Sooo complicated. Pressing rosin is simple. Only two factors, heat and pressure. Have you tried making rosin, you might like it more? I was extracting better than 25% from the right strains. That's comparable to BHO from what I understand of the process.

    I'm not a hater. Dabbed a lot of great BHO. But i've made rosin that is stronger than 90% of the BHO I've dabbed.

    Good luck brother. What you've made so far looks pretty good to me (reminds me of the low temp 170F rosin I make). Toke up!
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  20. I know this was asked awhile back but looks to me your pulling waxed or fats. If I were you I would winterize my finished product. This will take that out and make a clear product that will turn to shatter as opposed to that.

    I’m sure you can find something on it here if you search or if I search as Greywolf was constantly sharing here as well but this is a known link that I share.
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