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What Are Your Must Have Nutes For Hydro/coco Coir?

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by Mr.growz, Jul 15, 2018.

  1. What nutes are a must for you? Reason I ask is I'm not new at growing but haven't grown in years and see how many new advancements there have been since I grew last (19years ago). My meduim is a coco/perlite/ castings. Very light maybe 10% on the casting. Anyways I currently use general hydroponics- flora micro,bloom,bro, cali mag,and earth juice catalyst which is .03-.01-.010. I want to know what you think maybe crucial from your experience on anything I may be missing or for the thread let us know your mix and watering regiment and the benefits from you comp.
    Mr growz
  2. 6ml/gal micro 9ml/gal bloom start to finish. I'll cut it back 50% and add a pk boost at the appropriate week and i may add some cal/mag through the grow. I like magic green from H&G as a foiar but I don't always use it usually its if they don't look too happy. medium is 100% coco.
  3. Veg plus bloom for synthetic nutes. Nectar for the gods if organic.
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  4. I would add a silicate supplement and a weekly compost or microbe tea to your line up.
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  5. Maxibloom, rapidstart, Floralicious+, CaliMagic.
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  6. Thanks for the advice got the silicate.
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  7. G gnome

    G gnome

    Amen brother!!!

    I been usin flora series for yrs and love it.
    Ive tried many different lines but i always come back to it.
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  8. O
    Have you tried Pro-tecKt.. that's what I picked up up and flira I have to look into that as I know my store doesn't have it they had power x or something like that 80 bucks powder and the store owner swears it's the best one. Thanks again for the info hope this makes my babies stronger
  9. Curious do you use any bio root nutes?
  10. G gnome

    G gnome

    Never....ever listen to the guys at the grow store. Never!
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  11. I honestly try not to esp not to get upsold on a product, but I know the guy and he has tomato plants in the store that all the same strain and only use specif brands and products for each plant. The earthgrow series seems to do the best in his store as they're the biggest tallest girthiest plants out of all yet he claims dyna is the
  12. Oh and they were all clones that virtually the same deminsions at start of grow.
  13. Raw industry silica(don’t have to add first in Rez ) or agsil 16h ( always add first to Rez), only Buy dry amendments (why waste your money on water and it becoming unstable )

    Look at the % ratio and how much you get per price to the liquid (all they did was mix it in with RO). You can’t beat it
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  14. Does diametecous earth count as a dry silicate?
  15. Yes but not alll silica is created equal for fertilizers or ph stable, google it or search around before assuming it works just because it says “silica”
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  16. GreenLeaf MegaCrop is a 1 part nute, the same thing from seed to harvest, that I'll be switching to soon.
    No questionable "bloom boosters," teas, elixirs, kitchen sinks, etc.
    That's all, plus maybe some CalMag.
    My opinion is that if anything else were needed beyond base nutes, then it means the base nutes were poor for not containing it in the first place.
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  17. That a very good point in which I'm the girls just went into flower on the 31st and I really wanna make sure they get the best
  18. Jacks 321!
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  19. Jacks 321 for me as well. Some sort of Si product is beneficial.
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  20. What do you yield per plant? If you don't mind me asking and what is your veg time and light sizes?