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What Beans Are You Popping?

Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by MirrorZen, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. What is everyone popping? Let's see that fire! Bring on the pics.

    -Germination rate
    -Germination method
    -Additional observations

    I just threw down the following:
    Peach Ozz (peach ringz x oz kush)
    Double White Dawg (the White x
    white dawg)
    Pre-98 bubba bx1
    FPOG S1
    Purple Punch x Alien Rock Candy
    Northern Lights x Skunk #1
    Gas Mask
    (cherry pie x Alien kush) x (cherry pie x starfighter)
    Creamy Glue (cookie glue x cookies n cream)

    -I will update on germ rate.
    -Germ method is seed soak with fulpower at 35 ml per gal.

    About 10 to 15 beans per strain. (This Christmas hors d'oeuvres platter works great lol)

    Blue steel (blueberry og x the cube)
    These were 8/10 germ rate
    Ful power and water soak.
    Got one of those hills have eyes mutants on the closest right corner.
  2. GT21

    GT21 I like soup Supporter

    Im doin punta roja and panama 82s next.
  3. Choco Thai x hashplant
    Choco Thai x nl5 x nl2
    Scotts of x Thai x nl5 nl2
    Green ribbon bx
    Dr Hoffman x lemon g
  4. Badass man, I want to do a harcore sativa but I can't commit to those long sativa flowering times. Otherwise my buddy has a swazi gold cross he wants me to pop.

    Damn fine crosses, sure to be fire in that in those northern light x choco thai crosses. Sounds like Naturals work?
  5. Probably about 10 seeds of PCKxDirty Harry I made myself to get a solid girl or 2, 5 Pink Puta and 5 Alaskan Blackberry F2. Looking at 6 plants max this time. Maybe even do a 25 seeds run and go pheno hunting on that cross of mine in a small 2x2.5x2.5' that I got in works.
  6. The choco Thai nl cross is from cannarado I got in a trade the og Thai is from nat
  7. Blue Magoo x Hyper Cherry Pie, Bonza Mystery, Tenn. Kush#2, Red Dragon..:hungover:
  8. BerryBomb, special queen No.1 and strawberry cough ! Grow well guys and girls!
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  9. I am sticking with the old schools genetics for now,

    Northern lights (sensi seeds)
    White widow (dinafem)
    Blueberry (dutch passion)*
    Dinachem (dinafem)

    *Lost the blueberries after planting to soil, turns out my soil was too hot for them. It’s a shame too cause i wanted to try making some crosses between them.
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  10. I almost pulled the trigger on Dinachem and Dinamex. Still might. Am curious what you'll get. Dinachem should be fire since it's clone only ChemDawg x GuavaChem from seed. They did it in cooperation with ChemDog himself.
  11. gwheels


    Next round for me will be 2 white rhinos and 2 auto amnesia for outdoor. My next indoor i will probably run 2 sour diesel and 2 jack herer or train wreck depending on how this one works out. The indica dominant do work better in my outdoor climate and if they do not work out well....I should be ok :)

    All canuck seeds. I am down to my last 48 seeds i think. No more sales until i get to 16
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  12. NHWhites


    Cookies n Chem
    Purple Punch S1
    Wedding Cake S1


    LA Confidential
    7CD69EF0-0CCA-425E-B676-5E721D463AF5.jpeg D9791D89-EE37-4B30-8D83-133A0E151D76.jpeg
  13. These
  14. Badmf


    Yo if you’re doing straight sativas it’s better outdoors, I’ve been growing 50 years damn tried sativas indoors cause that’s all we had access townstoo mich trouble indoors so I do both in n out for grows. Deer are more an issue and rattlesnakesare always around but they eat rodents which bother the plants I use predator piss to keep coyotes and raccoons at bay. If you’re going to use apply last and use gloves!
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  15. Badmf


    Oh I’m going with White Widow, RKS, Gorrilla Glue, Girl Scout Cookies, and new crosses Ancient OG n Rampage OG.
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  16. My pal kills it wit sativas indoor he runs a different light schedule and environment and a whole room dedicated to sativas
  17. May or may not do a photo journal (once its grows a little bigger), but i will give updates. I am especially excited about that, i have never smoked that one and read only positive things, can’t wait.
  18. GT21

    GT21 I like soup Supporter

    Lmao this is great
  19. NHWhites


    Good catch, DNA Genetics