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What Can I Make, If Safe, With Pure Ethanol Alcohol?

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by Shawnery, Jun 26, 2018.

  1. Title says it all!

    Friend works at pharma and brought some home for me.
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  2. Powdered rooting hormone does not dissolve well in water but dissolves easily in alcohol. Could possibly make you own rooting hormone solution for a cloning setup to promote root growth. To boot you could mix a few drinks with it also to have some fun while making it.

    Here is a study I found that shows ethanol used in conjunction with IBA then diluted with water (eg. of rooting powder which is IBA)

    Take a look at the result on page 281.
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  3. you can make some oil! safe yes just be careful of the evaporating liquid alcohol. make sure its done in a well ventilated area
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  4. GT21

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    First cook it down to a big dab.. Then do whatever you want with it
  5. 20180627_122739.jpg
    This is my oil. Rosin. Pure. No solvents. And, it took me all of 45 minutes to press out this mess, about 5 grams. It's very golden but looks dark when in its silicon container. I don't understand what all you guys are waiting for..... make the switch.
  6. I was really wondering if it would be okay to use for tincture instead of Everclear
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  7. As far as I know, it would be. Goggle if that type of alcohol is safe for consumption.....
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  8. Ethanol is safe for tincture. You can make QWET or full plant extract with it too.
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  9. Because I dont want to switch. I like my bho and there isn’t anymore to it then that
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  10. Ethanol is the majority of alcohol that makes up whiskey, vodka, rum, etc. that we drink. Its the alcohol that you want to drink.
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    You should try dimethyl ether.
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  12. It turns plexi glass in jelly and it smells gorgeous
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  13. Lol!
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