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What Is Your Favorite Strain At The Moment (growing & Smoking)?

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by Mass Meds, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. Hey all!

    I’d love to get a pulse on what people are enjoying at this point in 2018.

    Strain / Growing / Consuming / Location (optional)
    Super Silver Haze / Y / Y / MA

  2. Highkev


    GDP east
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  3. xinobyte


    C-Plus - Chimera Seeds
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  4. smoking on some mango kush i pulled on november!extremely narcotic and sleepy!one toke weed for lost the mango taste,but is now very sweet,,,lovely,smooth smoke
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  5. and zero mold!
  6. jack herrer (wish I took some cuts of this pheno). This stuff is so strong we had to mix it with blueberry when smoked to weaken it a bit. I am growing another jack herrer, took some cuts this time. I hope it’s as strong as this last plant.
  7. Wtf is on ur plant?
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  8. snow!lol
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  9. was the jack herer from seed?how long did it go?
  10. Yes, from seed.
  11. which company if u dont mind mr asking,,,,ive always wanted to grow jack herer
  12. Banana Crack. Excellent Belgian/amaretto flavor, great stink, power-wheelchair cerebral high. Harvested 5lbs completely dry from this plant. The colas are tight and dense, and if trimmed tight, the nuggs are bowl sise. Weight would have been 7lbs if I didn't manicure even the tightest sugar leaves. Cleaned up an oz+ of kief from the trim.

    This plant stood 13' before a storm damaged her (10' wide). If I had supported the branches better I would have had another 1-1.5lbs.
    20181020_170553.jpg 20181020_170515.jpg 20181110_180016.jpg
  13. Blotto ogk (ecsd x legend ogk) mosca seeds grows easy yields pretty good.and consistent most of all. Got to give credit best seeds I’ve had my hands on.
    smoke is great like a lemon diesel flavor
    High is solid hits immediate. Don’t make you sleepy though. You just feel relaxed n good but still up for moving around.
    Balt md 9991BCB6-EE13-4FA7-9789-3076995D2FFE.jpeg FB4ADCD8-54C5-4F25-AAE3-34CA29E9660B.jpeg A8603D41-2A92-470E-B265-CF93AD466639.jpeg
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  14. Evil Monkey

    Evil Monkey Premium Member Supporter

    Motorbreath 15# still looking for this line. No idea how she grows
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  15. I want to say I let it go until 9 weeks. I waited until the leaves started to naturally die and fall off and the trichomes were all cloudy with some amber.
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  16. In London were smoking a lot of amnesia and stardawg. Some of the stardawg going around is the strongest bud I've ever smoked, every single draw is a choker.
  17. Did you leave that outside on a cold night lol that thing looks frosty as fuck
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  18. Nope indoors I drop temps toward end of flower to try hitting low 60s in dark. That ain’t even frosty but it’s better smoke than this one xbj16 x xbj16 I crossed. B68CAF93-FA93-4FE6-B634-4FBC8E1C1EB4.jpeg 6080D472-CA19-4CEE-839C-886957100E15.jpeg
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  19. Haven't heard of a number of these:

    Blotto OGK
    Banana Crack

    But they all have some impressive lineages. Pretty cool!
  20. First well done on the harvest numbers. Our SSH also went through a storm related humbling phase. Where the top heavy bud wasn't supported enough and broke in the Fall season wind storms.

    I feel your pain, and can also add that our plants didn't get to full bloom this year...