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What makes dense buds ??

Discussion in 'Cannabis Harvesting & Curing' started by cutdown, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. So i'm interrested as i'm sure everyone is on how to get dense buds? Is it a strain dependant thing,a light thing or a fertalizer thing lol?I only have about 2 grows (complete,from seed to chop)under my belt so limited experience as of now but those 2 grows the bud was good but came out after the dry stringy ,light and u can definately see thru and see the stem .How do i corect this i would love to have the beatiful full swollen dense buds that i have grown to love and see on here that makes my mouth water lol Please this winter grow coming up i would love to be all around happy with my efforts.Please can yall experienced growers school me a little :sign0065:
    ty yall
  2. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    First, strain--Indica dominance is what you're going to need. After that, feeding plays a role. Especially giving that oh-so-important boost of P & K at the right time(s). This is assuming sufficient light.

    I've given up chasing super-dense buds on all the lines I run, I finally learned that not only is it impossible to get from some of them, but weight is weight. A pound of feathers weighs the same as pound of brick. Question for *me* is, what's gonna make me feel good?
  3. Sea Of Green

    Sea Of Green Guest

    So we've got indica strain, proper feeding, and sufficient light. I have to agree with those. To which I'll add some more. First, on the light component, it must be intense, well reflected, and with as full a spectrum as possible with an emphasis on the red/orange portion. More on proper feeding coming right up.

    Next, an article in CC magazine that I found to be very helpful when learning to grow bigger denser buds indoors.

    Also, big healthy green leaves are crucial to making big dense buds.

    1. Never remove a leaf from the plant, unless the leaf is already about to fall off on it's own due to over-maturity(or accidental/premature death). Pruning shade leaves to increase light reaching lower buds is not a wise choice. You will never make up for the loss of production to the top of the plant from whatever may be gained on the lower part. The answer to that is to provide sufficient lighting to the lower buds, optimal reflectivity is the best way to get more light to the lower parts of the plant. Or just remove them from the plant(why you would is another argument really, so I won't be addressing it here, but I don't recommend it either). Light loses intensity/strength based on distance from the source. So you gain relatively little from doing anything except moving the source closer to the plant, or vise versa. Leaves serve a very important purpose in maintaining plant health and vigor. Buds are not going to efficiently feed themselves without them. LEAVES ARE BUD FEEDERS, NOT BUD FOOD!

    2. Never flush. Pre-harvest flushing is such a fat dense bud killer it's not even funny. Just in the hopes of getting a better flavored smoking material. Which you won't. It may actually worsen the flavor, density, smokability, and/or potency of the buds. MINIMALLY you will lose harvested/dried weight. You're essentially starving the plant to death. When you should be feeding it what it needs to grow the BIGGEST DENSEST buds at the point in it's life cycle when that's exactly what it wants to do. Yes, I know the article mentions it, but I don't see that as a recommendation. Just how to incorporate the method, if desired. Which you should desire not, trust me. Much foolishness. Mother Nature, the best grower in the universe, doesn't flush her plants, and nor should you. AND IT WILL ACTUALLY INCREASE INTERNODE LENGTH/STRETCH, GUARANTEED!!!

    Lastly, stems. Bigger, denser, heavier buds also need bigger thicker stems to pipe in all the nutritional building blocks used to make them, and to help support their weight. While controlling internode length is very effective at improving density, providing a simulated breeze of adequate strength is THE ONLY non-nutritional way to build a larger-diameter/sturdier stem structure. When the plant grows to resist the forces of wind it will naturally respond to it by thickening it's stems/branches. This benefits the buds come flowering time by allowing them to grow much larger and/or faster. In this sense you can force the plant to grow as if it were older, taller, and/or heavier than it really is. You also will have less need to support the plant by manual methods(stakes, strings, cages, etc.)
  4. ^^great post
  5. Thx SOG, good read.
  6. caregiverken

    caregiverken Fear Not! Supporter

    Im thinking "super cropping" might help the buds be More Dense.

    I am newb though...But It certainly can't hurt

    ETA; Thanks for the Info Sea of Green Great post
  7. The HC

    The HC

    This, especially the second one, contradicts what I've always have been told.

    Are these from research or experience?

    Why would people flush if it was harmful and unnecessary?
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  8. nuttso


    great thead
  9. wow

    Omg sog man great post really lot of excellent info man ty very much made alot of sense ,and seamaiden ty maam for the experience given to me .The temprature explanation is excellent all of the post was awesome but i hae fougt thehigh temprature monster this whole grow.The bud is really good body high lots resinglands and good pistol production just bud stretched and i believe it was combo of poor non phed water and high temps...thiswinters grow will be better i can control temp alot etter and i have a decent strain Bubbalious ..ty u all for post yall rock....u live u learn u grow u listen
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  10. agreed I call bullshit on the #2 as well my bud is rock hard and i always give my plants a 14 day flush
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  11. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    Temperature was another very important factor that I forgot about. Most folks talk about how high heat can cause a plant to produce fluffier buds. Well, I'm here to tell you that conditions being too cool can do the same thing, too. Perfectly good buds! But fluffy cuzza cold.

    SOG's post brought that up and many other points, much more comprehensive. :)
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  12. OGONLY


    I'm with Venom. This person never referenced what type of growing he was refering to as far as flushing is conserned. For example, organic herb doesn't need to be flushed, true. However any herb grown hydroponicly should have a flush of at least 7 days in my opinion. I chose to flush my hydro 14 days and my herb is nearly always dense, almost always full of flavor and smooth.

    There was definitely some good information in there don't get me wrong. I personally disagree with the statement made about NEVER cutting a leaf off. I rarley remove leaves from my plants, but I feel multiple layers of large leaves blocking mid-canopy bud sites constitutes a good reason to remove a leaf or 2. There are other reasons too IMO but I'm not going to get into writing a novel here.
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  13. I dont belive the deleafing part being a no no last crop I had a ph problem while i was away and had my bro takin care....damm near every fan leaf died off (realisticly probly 50-70%).
    I yeilded 4lbs of casey of 2 - 1k's.....the bud swelled more then the previous grow....I thought maybe it forced the plants to absorb most of the light through the buds thus exploding the buds.

    I'm not saying this is the way to do it, Or thats what happens....its just a completly uneducated geuss.

    But when I see people say shit like flushing does nothing and thats a fact, or dont ever pluck any green leafs its hard to know how biased there other facts are. Its all opinions.
  14. Great read, thank you for posting! I have the hardest time dialing in density.

    Any tips on ph swing by chance?
  15. jammie


    tobacco farmers don't flush, veggie farmers don't flush. if you don't go crazy with additives and super high ec's, the only reason to flush is for color, and i don't smoke weed for its color!
  16. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    I agree with those points, especially flushing because I've smoked a gal who I tried to reveg and didn't take. I snagged her buds before they went the way she was going and they tasted like CRAP. I do remove leaves from the plants, but do it like you do (this is for indoors). However, I've never found those variables to play a real role in bud density with the exception of leaves blocking lower sites. However, I typically try to remove those sites altogether, while leaving the leaves. Sometimes it's a trick.
  17. P/K boost around week 4 to 6 has major difference in density for me. That said, you have to already have healthy plants in a good environment for that extra p/k to do anything. Light intensity also has a large influence on density in my experience.

    On the subject of flushing. I started out flushing 14 days, i've now cut back to 7 days and have harvested several with no flush at all, and have noticed no difference in flavor, smokability or high. I have noticed at least a 10% increase in quality bud. I plan to completely cut out flushing in favor of slowly decreasing the ec through the last 5-7 days.
  18. cooler temps in the 60's makes buds denser.
  19. nuttso


    1. genetic 80%
    2. environment (light, temps, airflow) 10%
    3. nutes 1%
    4 .slow drying and curing 9%

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  20. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    No, it does not. I can tell you directly from too much direct experience that it makes for fluffy buds that never dense up.
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