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What Surface Will Not Stick To Buds?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Harvesting & Curing' started by SharkLasko, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. For my first harvest next weekend, I was wondering what you use to lay your buds down on that the trikes won't stick to? I have seen wax paper, saran wrap, tin foil, garbage bag, towel, plastic lid from container, glass or mirror, and cardboard. I read a message someplace that said the tricomes won't stick much to something, but forgot what that was? What do you use, any why?

    Thanks in advance!!
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  2. Most of us hang dry our grows. I would probably use big cardboard boxes if drying like that. The trichs are most susceptible to falling off after drying when handling or bumped against anything. :cool:
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  3. I mean while you are trimming, what surface do you set them on. I will hang them too, just curious is there is a 'great surface' to set them on while trimming?
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  4. Oh, my bad. No not that I know of. I've used several of what you mentioned. Usually a big piece of slick cardboard.
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  5. G gnome

    G gnome

    Well, ga really dont set em down on anything. U hold em in one hand and trim w the other. In the meantime u can set em down on anything ya want. Dont over think this...
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  6. I fan trim and hang- then trim and hang- then final trim (if needed) and remove from stem and set on large screens- then when they have reached the right dryness I jar them leaving openish, lid just sitting on, check then if ready close and store. Check a few days later and burp- if it’s good it doesn’t get checked again for a week if it isn’t perfect it gets left open a day and then back in. I use these principles and It’s still good stuff a year later. Currently enjoying last seasons outdoor that people swear was fresh. To each their own, I also use card board boxes for odds and ends. Don’t rush it and don’t jar it wet and life is good.
  7. I trim on trim trays with 150 micron screens. Trichomes are collected in the tray under the screen. I have a nice jar of keif from it.
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  8. G gnome

    G gnome

    Trim on or trim over?
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  9. Jack og

    Jack og Moderator Staff Member

    Same here, over, and sometimes rest bud while reaching for things .
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  10. Over but the trimmed buds lay on the screen and I sometimes rest the branch I’m trimming on it.

    I gently roll the buds and push the close trim around to catch loose trichs before weighing and jarring.

    I cure my bud leaf trim along side the flower buds in jars for edibles too.
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  11. I use a big rectangular pyrex baking dish, doesnt stick and it is easy to get the kief out of the bottom. Trimbins or whatever with the screen are the best option in my opinion.
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  12. GT21

    GT21 I like soup Supporter

    Buy and herb drying rack or hang dry.. Silicone is good but not for drying
  13. I usually cut each branch, trim and hang individually. However, if I do need to cut all the branches and then trim, I just use a clean cardboard box to hold the branches. I trim over a clean plastic drip saucer for a 10 gallon pot. Works almost as good as a “Trim Bin” for a whole lot less.

    I still want a Trim Bin though.
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  14. I guess both. I like a lot of these ideas. It looks like I need to get a 150 micron screen, over a pyrex dish, and use cardboard to set things on until I hang them.
  15. G gnome

    G gnome

    Make sure u get medical grade cardboard and give everything a goid cleaning w 50/50 mix of str8 bleach and ammonia

    Just kiddin
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  16. GrowGod

    GrowGod BANNED! Supporter

    Water is a great surface that nothing will stick too...
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