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What's Best For Maximum Yield?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing Information' started by London bud, Dec 2, 2018.

Best option for maximum yield

Poll closed Dec 16, 2018.
  1. A

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  2. B

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  3. C

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  1. In a space of 4ft x 2ft im wondering what is the best option for maximum yield.

    A. I could have four plants, long veg, topped and trained to fill out the space completely.
    B. I could start twenty plants on 12/12, no veg and packed in and grown with a single cola
    C. I could squeeze ten in quite tight, veg and run a sog
  2. What u have for lights soil and nutes
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  3. A. But you don't need a crazy long veg to fill out a space of that size. Just have good water practice and your environment dialed In.
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  4. Really all you need is two plants in that space. Yield will be driven by your light and growing practices/skills more than number of plants. You can finish out two plants in that space in 120 days easily. More plants is just more work. 20 pots will be a pain to water, or complicated in a hydro situation. Look into the DWC setup at for a simple approach. See second link in my sig. I used that and 900 nominal watts ( I think about 280 at the wall) of cheap blurples, got about eight ounces from two plants in 12 weeks. Gonna upgrade the lights for the next run.
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  5. Anything more than four is pushing it,kinda depends on what type lights and height youve got. 4'x2' aint alot of room,might wanna listen to OMR
  6. 2 doesn't really fill it up properly, I'm guessing measurements of space but it's no more than 5 x 2and a half.
    2plants don't fill it fully, 4 will be packed out and maximising all available space.
    20 might seem a lot but by the time they show sex, ten will be most likely be thrown then thats ten to finish, if I get a z a plant then that's 10 ounces in 90 days. Ideally for me, perhaps over. The trouble is circulation when the plants are kept that tight together.
    If I do A I'll probably get more than ten but it's a lot more maintenance aswel. I'm training a plant now and it gets fuckin boring having to keep tying bits down.
    I appreciate everyone's replies it gives ma a lot to think about. I'll be under a 400 hps.
  7. If 2 is not enough and 4 is packed, it sounds like 3 is the answer. You could start with at least 6, assuming 50% male ratio (i would probably start a few more) and shoot for the best 3 and run with that. The number you start with is up to you as you have to be able to cull all that don't make the cut and stick with your desired number for the best results.
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  8. If you can't fill it with 2 plants, something is off. You probably don't have enough light. Five feet wide is gonna be tough for a 400 watt HPS to cover. Adding plants won't fix that.
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  9. Yep. A rectangular box like that should optimally have 2 lights.
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  10. I like hearing that cause it’s exactly what I’m trying. Exactly down to the 4 plants(clones) and short veg. I’m on day 3 of flip n wall to wall. Can’t wait for the colas.
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  11. Nothing's off but putting two plants in their is not gonna yield the maximum bud in the space in the best time. Not for me anyway.
    2 will sort of fill it up if I top here n there n leave it but that aint really gonna be good enough I need it brimming, ive had two in there a few times. like @Monster762 said, I want it wall to wall. For me getting 10+ ounces from two plants isn't achievable in decent time, I could use 600 but its the heat that comes with it.
    I'm leaning towards B or C now.
    Surely a wall to wall jam packed flat topped canopy is gonna be best here?
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  12. Sounds like you're an expert that doesn't need any help. Good luck.
  13. "If you can't fill it with two plants, somethings off".
    I don't think talking to people like idiots is help. Certainly not the help that I'm looking for here.
  14. I’ve never had a real canopy before but the net itself pretty much gave me one. I think 5x2.5. 3 plants. Not sure medium but I’d go med size pots 3-5 gal in coco with lots of perelite with mykos for an explosive start. I use a whole big scoop (in the bag ) per 3 gal worth of mix. About 30-40% perelite for air to roots. It really does show. Also dr earth root zone has myko in it and is available at Home Depot and a 1/4 the cost. It works good too. But a big jump on roots n they’ll take over from there. You’re going to want to take dominance of main shoot or to avoid thestall just start early training it tied down sideways. Then all the lowers go straight up. When they are tall enough put net on em. Silica too. Boost the stalks up they’ll need it. Mine are a mix of sideways and topped. All clones of 1 strain I know is right today will be day 3 of 12/12 but this day 2 and the last pic is right b4 flip look at the difference in 2 days from flip
    It’s a 4x8 2 flower plots split in center. 1050 true watts leds and t5 combo.first time putting a net in
    30 days behind each other so chop every 30. By the time it’s cured I’m chopping more down unless I screw something up. Always the chance of that.
    After flip 1B136D67-AAF4-479B-ABC3-DA665129B89F.jpeg 3EE454DB-7629-440E-A431-6CEDB1154B1B.jpeg this ones b4 flip C16E0B8F-40F3-4E3A-BCDF-9DB1210915D3.jpeg and I try to keep underneath trimmed cause everyone says it diverts the energy up. So far I cant say they’re wrong.
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  16. I like that system and set up, it gives me something to think about.
    I've been keeping underneath trimmed up aswel I think it definetely helps.
    I'm definetely gonna have to have a good think about how best to maximise
    I'd love to chop every 30days
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  17. @OldManRiver I think if I have ten plants 1212 start to finish I will beat your two plants that give 8 ozs in 90 days. I think lol I could well be wrong but I don't think I am. With my amount of light, 4 zs per plant or 8 for two plant ain't acheivable Without a lot of training and maintenance, I can get a z a plant however quite easily With hardly any effort. So I'm thinking of squeezing in as many plants as possible only growing the top cola, perhaps trim away any side brances ad anything undrrneath early on because being so packed theyll have no chance of developing anything worthwhile, and try have them focusing everything into one main cola, with that trimming though i dunno if id still get an ounce with only the tops, maybe. Maybe it's a stupid idea.
    I don't care if ten plants could be grown better, I know they could but if I topped ten ozs it doesnt matter.
    anyway I checked out your Sig old man, you got a really nice set up
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  18. Light output, environmental conditions/control and nutrient solution/irrigation setup are all going to be more important than how many plants you decide to stuff in a tent
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  19. I know all them things are important but I'm trying to produce the most I can using what I have, I'm not in a position to be changing much, and its not stuffing them in a tent, I've been doing micro grows in tiny spaces for a few years now, id like to think it would be strategically done.
  20. They're not just important, they're crucial. Without a properly dialed environment and feeding schedule along with strong genetics there is no "maximizing" anything. When you get into plant count, it's all about canopy coverage. Your canopy needs to be completely filled across the entire coverage of your light and you need to maximize the amount of penetration you can get into your canopy exposing as many budding nodes and lower fans to direct light without any of the light actually passing through the canopy and lighting the ground