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Whats the dosage for Eagle 20ew?

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by forknowledge, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. Ive noticed some PM blotches so I order a bottle of Eagle 20ew & id like to be prepared before it arrives.
    My clone was planted in veg just a week ago in hydro so its still quite small & manageable. I plan to dunk & dip the clone upside down in the Eagle 20ew but firstly Id like to know the dosage when applying it on cannabis.

    For those that have & do use it what dose would you recommend?
  2. 10 ml per gal and only apply it in veg....shit works wonders if you have
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  3. only in early veg. do not inhale or get the shit on you. unless you maybe want cancer later in life.....
  4. Kcar


    2ml per gal.... Per label. 2 to 10 oz per 100 gal on edible crops
    30ml per oz. 6 oz is 180ml/100 gal = 1.8ml per gal

    Not 10ml per gal. Way over what the lable recommends even for non-residential turf grass.
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  5. 2ml per gallon m8
  6. ive always used 2ml per gal
  7. Im having a little trouble calculating it in to UK litres.

    This is my working out:

    If dosage is 2ml per US gallon & im trying to work out how many mls per UK litre.

    1 US gallon = 3.785 UK litres

    2 / 3.785 = 0.5284015852047556

    0.5284015852047556 x 1 litre = 0.5ml per UK litre.

    Can someone confirm this please.
  8. I forgot to ask how often should I be using it?
  9. use it one time in veg m8 and you not see any PM
  10. 2ml PG.
  11. Thanks everyone for your input.
  12. Blaze


    If you are going to use Ealge 20 (which personally I would not recommend) please at least invest in the proper gear to apply hazardous chemicals to protect yourself. You need a full face respirator like a 3M 6000 series and a full chemical suite that covers your entire body. They are relatively cheap investments and can help ensure that you do not poison yourself:

    You might also consider looking into some of the safer alternatives to Eagle 20 to use first, before going "full nuclear", especially since it sounds like you do not have a severe PM infection. The UC Davies IMP website has a good list of some of the other alternatives one can use for powdery mildew:
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  13. Jalisco Kid

    Jalisco Kid Guest

    Eagle 20 label

    Hope this helps.

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  14. Good advice from everyone. Eagle 20 won't cure your plants of PM. They will have it forever even if it can't colonize. You probably know this but just thought I would add that little tid bit. Air flow is essential. But when you use Eagle def suit up. You don't want cancer. Also only use it once on mothers. It lasts and lasts in your plants tissues. If you treat your mothers and then cut clones you should be fine by harvest. Treating a flowering plant with Eagle is like...stupid.

  15. Thanks for the heads up.
    I only have one little plant to work on & planning on dunking it not misting. Hopefully latex gloves & proper ventilation will suffice.

    Thanks JK, going to have a read through it now.

    Im going to treat it on a 1 wk old vegging plant, before it goes to flower Ill take cuttings. Hopefully the PM wont have passed on.
  16. Capulator

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    2 ml per gallon. One bottle will last you a lifetime. Whoever said 10ml /gal is retarded. :sign0065:

    Read the label.
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  17. In Colorado they have tested Eagle 20, and found that smoking marijuana treated with eagle 20 produces Hydrogen Cyanide. This is a poisonous gas that causes nerve damage and death (it's what was used in the concentration camps). Note that eagle 20 when ingested is not harmful but inhaling it in a combustible form is. Please let others know the dangers of this pesticide.
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  18. You can make a comfrey tea that will work also.
    You can spray it on infected plants and you can water with it also. It is natural band aid for problems. It also has a nice Npk value also.
    I found that if you add it to your watering schedule pm does not appear at all. It keeps it at bay.
    I found this in Rhodes organic growing.
    Takes 3-6 weeks to make the tea but very well worth it. But stinks to high heaven
  19. NFT