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Whats Your Favourite Way To Collect Kif?

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by juggernaut, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. Title says it all.
    Also your favourite kif tumbler.
  2. DGP


    Dry ice and a 120 micron bubble bag.

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  3. dan1989


    Agreed. Tried it once, admittedly not dealing with much trim but got a good amount that lasted me a week or so. Only mistake I made was not letting it cure so flavour wasn't all that. I couldn't get the bags at the time so I had to D.I.Y. with coffee strainers but worked. Like a noob I thought it would be a good idea to wrap my trichs in foil and let them dry. I had around a gram of hash, so two days worth of smoke lasted me a week while I scraped it all off :D been on eBay and got the proper sift bags so I'm covered.

    Dry shake is nice sprinkled on a joint too
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  4. Currently I just get it from my grinder lol
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  5. I used a 160 mic bag and dry ice with great results.
  6. We use trim trays with 150 micron screen

    Initially we were pretty surprised how much we must have been losing before the trays.
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  7. I prefer dry sieve kif to bubble, for the aroma and flavor. I use my Grinning Reaper or Harvest Box to extract and different micron frames to refine.
    Resin Reaper.jpg
    Harvest box-1.jpg
    Kief frame stack system.jpg
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  8. For some reason the Grinning Reaper didn't show up full size.
    Grinning reaper 001.JPG
  9. Thats a cool setup.
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  10. Pollen Master
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  11. Thats bad ass,i have this 12 volt commercial vibrator made for the screen of a concrete pump mounted to a steel welding table that vibrates like crazy(table has to be bolted to the floor!),I need to get a stack of screens like yours and and figure out a way to strap them to the table and try it out.
  12. Just purchased silk mesh for dry sifting. Currently stretching mesh on reclaimed art canvas frames. This is the thread I've been looking for. I'm sure I'll have a few questions very soon. Hahaha.
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  13. Right? Trimming in the sunlight I see trichomes flying through the air....

    That's just bitchen. You make thAt?

    In the printing biz we used to have a jogger? It was a 12 x 12 inch wood slab and you turned it on and it vibrated like crazy... it was for jogging paper together... that would work well for a modified reaper type thing....
  14. You know I have collected keif using dry ice and bubble bag but I have found if you can find other things to do while running it; a tumbler is awesome. In fact I have zero use for mine anymore since my SOP has changed quite a bit. It is a PollenEx Dry Sift machine, the smaller one-I think the box says 150 grms but it easily runs half lb at a time with no detrimental effects on the electric motor. I paid almost 400 bucks I think and have only run it for maybe 5 hrs of total run time. Make me an offer I would love for it to go to a good home.
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  15. Currently searching internet for vibrating motor and parts to build pothead diy kif dry sift shakey thing a ma jig contraption. LMAO.
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  16. Try a sander if you have one. Works good like one pictured above.
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  17. Dumb question about dry sift...

    The material that is used for this process. Flower or trim. It isn't completely void of all the glands, right? Suggested uses? Decarb and use in butter?
  18. What are you thinking price wise? I could use a tumbler...
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  19. I designed it and Roger put it together. Except for the 150 mesh screen, everything was out of the scrap pile, so cost was low.
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  20. Either. Yield is about 50% before it starts to green.
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