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Which Recovery Pumps Should I Look For?

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by LycanMister, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. Hello,
    Must say much thanks to GW and the rest of you crew for the years of research I have been able to study over the past two months. I will have an mk3 assembled very soon with most bells and whistles, just need to find a recovery pump and don't quite want to settle for appion or equivalent.

    There are several options online I have been looking at and quite a few large HVAC stores in my area I am just not sure how to approach the situation in a price vs quality situation. I have no personal experience, only recent studies and would appreciate any offerings. I am an engineer at heart and am so motivated to pursue high quality BHO. Safety > quality > quanitity

    Any tips please share!
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  2. JB0316


    I am in the same boat and looking to settle for a appion just to get started. I'm slowing trying to do some research so if I come across something I will pass it along. By the way I have the exact same set up MK3.
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  3. Haskel pneumatic seems to be king shit now but requires a very expensive screw compressor, and that requires 3 phase power to run.

    Cmep-ol is one im seeing a lot more of. Oil free, explosion proof, and solid construction. Haven't really read up much on it personally.

    cm-ep is one from ecogreen that uses hemp seed oil for lube and seems to do a good job. Hearing many reports of people getting hemp seed oil in their hash though.

    Cps tr-21, they might have a newer stainless version? This pump combined with cold trap (mt-69) seem to be working for many users too no personal experience with it though.
  4. Thanks for the responses, I'm very psyched for this system and get more antsy every day! Unfortunately the recovery pump is the biggest bank breaker and last piece I need for production! if I cant find a good deal locally on a quality long-life pump, there will be no choice but to order a Robinair RG6000 or equivalent. The CPS tr-21 was my first choice but I cant find any hard evidence to support its superiority, and the convenience and price of the Robinair is very tempting.
  5. JB0316


    As far as quality is one better than the other? Meaning the Appion and the Robinair? I see the Robinair is less expensive with a higher recovery rate, I'm just not sure if the Appion is a better product. Buying something today and the CPS sure is Purdy...matches everything. But your right for the money the Robinair seems to be the best buy because of the higher recovery rate.

  6. there is a new CPS-TR21-S....stainless, oil-less, explosion proof, and rated for r-600.....coming out soon, talked to a guy waiting on a pallet of them....

    couple this with a SS wort Chiller from a brewers supply Co. and eliminate all that copper.... I can't wait
  7. The Robinair RG6 / Promax rg600 and the Appion have identical internal compressors with slightly different condensers.
    The CPS TR21S is not stainless. It has enclosed electrical switches to give it a rating for explosive refrigerants.

    The Cmep-ol is similar to the caresaver design and NOT oil less. Don't go there. Even if the supposed "hemp oil" lubricant gets in your butane supply it's still contaminated.

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  8. I use a appion. Twin with the mk3 for the last year great results cheap 20150206_082819.jpg
  9. Check out mr
  10. Oh my god. You didn't mean to promote that POS did you?

    The same company that claims butane dissolves Teflon? (it doesn't) and the same company that claims compressor pistons contain "combination of lead and aluminum and covered with plasma coated chromium"

    Utter bullshit.
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  11. Don't know much bout claims their but machine is user friendly and produces great oil sorry for your disappointment with their product share with me your research them plz
  12. I have a commercial greenhouse and wanted to help, but I missed what you are building. I am legally blind; So maybe it was posted. Naybe you can enlighten me as to what exactly you are building, and how does the pump fit into the application?

  13. ive only put a couple hours on my CPS far its working great, you will need the MT-69 to use with it which adds to the expense, however, in terms of what we are producing I don't think these pumps are expensive at all (I think I paid like 600 or 700).... ive heard between 11-1600 for the new CPS-TR21S, I have one pre-ordered already....that's still cheaper than a caresaver, which are almost impossible to find instock anywhere, well at least 4-6 months ago.....Ive never used the robin air unit but the appions are junk
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  14. The Appions work for the purpose, but are not rated for flammable refrigerants, and Appion has made it clear that they do not intend build one to fill that need.

    CPS TR-21 works in conjunction with an external heat exchanger, and demonstrated that they did want our business by offering the TRS-21, which has a stainless pump section, a Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) motor, with potted electricals, to eliminate sparks from the control switch,

    We've supplied only Haskel Model 59025-3 pneumatic pumps on WolfWurx turnkey systems, which do require 40 scfm of air to drive, but it can be accomplished using either single or three phase. Haskel has also risen to the occasion with their stainless EXT-420 pump, which can be plumbed to operate either single or double stage.

    We are still testing the CM EP using hemp seed oil as the lubricant, but it does require after filters to remove residual oil in the discharge. It is about three times as fast as the Appion and significantly quieter.

    We haven't gotten our hands on their new Oil Less yet, but have been promised one for testing and look forward to doing so.
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  15. What about a stainless tube with shut offs on both ends.... for open blasting if we fill chamber with butane and material and close valve what kind of results would come from a soak if the Tubes was kept below 32 f in freezer ????????
  16. My understanding of recovery machines leads me to believe that as long as you pressure test your system before each use to ensure that your pumps seals are intact and that there are no leaks, a sparkless model would be unnecessary, but rather a safety precaution. I haven't found any other technical differences between the TR models other than power and regional requirements. I have found no reference to the stainless steel or motor upgrades you mentioned. However, I'm just a novice. So please GW, fill me in as I'm planning on buying a new machine on Wednesday. I am currently eyeing a TR19 ($464.55) or TR21 ($567) or TRS19 ($695) and am leaning towards the TR19 because of my very modest system and budget sizes and the fact that the rebuild kit is the same one for all of these. Which is the best deal GW?
  17. I haven't used the TRS-19, but have extensively used the TRS-21, which preforms well. I would recommend getting the larger 2/3rd horse TRS-21 over the 1/2 horse TRS-19 for the faster extraction rates. Recovery is the longest part of the extraction cycle.

    You will need a heat exchanger and i recommend 50' of 3/8" stainless coil in an ice bath.
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