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Which Temp Do You Go By During Flowering, Is It Room Temp Or Is It Canopy Temp?

Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by Hands On, Oct 26, 2018.

  1. Which temp do you go by during flowering, is it room temp or is it canopy temp?

    Im hitting 91-95 right at canopy but the room is 78-82 are these number to high during flowering

    I am ducting in and out, oscillating fan is running
  2. 1diesel1

    1diesel1 Moderator Staff Member

    Personally I hang my temp monitor mid canopy height shaded from the light fixture. That way I get a true temp.
  3. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    Might want to raise the light a little if ya can. 90s seem a tad warm for my comfort.
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  4. im going to try that and see what it reads
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  5. I done that today it went down to 88 from 90
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  6. Jimster


    I wouldn't let it go any higher than 90...around 85 is optimum, IMHO. Keeping the roots warmer accelerates growth, so you sound like you are in good shape I can't remember the upper limit for vegetative growth, but anything over 95 and I think it slows down greatly. There was some research done with methanol tp prevent heat damage, but I can't remember what the final outcome was.
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  7. It depends on what lighting and if using co2 or not.

    With max lighting and co2 likely 85 will work well but with mid power like my 600 hps’ lamps and flow through ventilation 75-77 degrees is the highest I can go without loss of quality. Cool temps promote more potency and terpenes.

    I have read led needs a higher canopy temp as it has low radiant heat. But I have no personal experience. Forum guys seem to run 80-85.

    For a regular grow I have read plants suffer at 85. My experience shows leaf stress as low as 78-80 with various hid lamps.
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  8. Over 80 is Foxtail zone. Ime.
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  9. Unlessssss. ...... U use co2. Then it's over 85 er so. Thats what ive heard from reputable farmers
  10. From my experience you run canopy temps around 75-85 and your ambient temps will be lower than that with hps because they heat your canopy up a lot more than led. So your ambient temp is closer to your canopy temp with led and that's why we run higher temps with LEDs. Ideally imo you want canopy temp to be as close as ambient temp but as far as temp for plant health I go by canopy temp not ambient temp
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  11. Room Temp 82
    Canopy 88
    Floor 77
    Lights are up at 28 inches
  12. Sounds like you need some more ventilation aimed at your hot spot like a fan blowing at it or and exhaust set up as close as possible
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  13. I took care of the room,...everything is at the right temp
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  14. gwheels


    That must be what caused mine. Wow did they foxtail.
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  15. I have read something like that....but im keeping the room around 77-79
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  16. gwheels


    I think if you can keep it under 80 it is usually the sweet spot.
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  17. From the farmers I have asked, this is more than likely due to a light leak, in combo with strain likelyhood for hermies.
    But the last go round it appeared becausr I let the coco dry a couole days. Like 7. While on vaca. Oh well. Gotta get it when I can. This is my last indoor for a while so I'm just letting her do whatever it is shes doing. She smells fire, but they arr very airy large, "foxtails" buds full of chromes. Maybe not FULL ,but smokeable.
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  18. 78 -80 looks like the temp that will be best
  19. :)