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Whitaker Blue?

Discussion in 'Strains and Hybrids' started by winta, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. Anybody tried/grown Whitaker Blue from Dj Short? just heard about this strain and want some info cuz all i know so far is its a true Oregon Heritage cross Quimby x Blueberry and its an Indica dominant strain but i wanna know taste,smell,yield,etc. any info would be great!:pimp:
  2. I dont think you will get much info from what
    I ve gathered its so new I cant find a grow.You know DJs strains are good no matter what they are called
  3. pretty much lol just wondered if someone had the inside scoop :)
  4. I'm pretty sure the mommy is some special Oregon strain of his and the father is his indica dominant Blueberry.

    I plan on scooping some of these after the Raskal drop and will let ya'll know.
  5. Swerve

    Swerve Guest

    i got a pack of them chilln i got them from dj when i met him last year i gave him some sfv ogk bx2 seeds he gave me some whitaker blue seeds this was when they were testing them still. its an old skool eugene oregon cut crossed to his BB.. should be dank.. i ahve yet to grow them and prob never will but theya re chilln for a rainy day
  6. thanx for the info swerve! nobody had any info on it lol i gotta get some for my rainy days :)
  7. THE MAN

    THE MAN Guest

    So when is he releasing these seeds to the general public?
  8. What Up Farmers,

    We Just Picked Up Some Whitaker Blues in one of the Local Northern California Clubs.

    The seeds are plump with distinctive tiger stripes.

    We Germinated for 3-5 days then transplated into 1/2 gal grow bags.

    DJ Short Whitaker Blues- Element4NorCal Method- 90% Success Rate.

    We are Super Excited to see Whats up With This Strain!!

    Lady K
    Element4NorCal Collective
    Santa Cruz, CA.
    Whitaker blue bag.jpg
    Whitaker blues sprouts.jpg
    Whitaker Blue Sprouts.jpg
  9. well im curious to see how these will turn out goodlookin E
  10. Tobor the 8th Man

    Tobor the 8th Man Moderator Supporter

    Found a little more info

    "Developed by DJ Short's son, 'JD', the Whitaker Blues is a true Oregon Heritage cross. The mother of the Whitaker Blues is currently referred to as 'Quimby'; an old-school, West Coast staple cut reminiscent of a classic, early indica lineage -- strong and sleepy in its effect.

    Quimby was crossed with DJ Short's personal Blueberry father, making the Whitaker Blues appear approx. 80% indica and 20% sativa in structure. It is a stout plant, short branching, sporting large compact buds loaded with resin-very vigorous and productive indoors with hues of violet and blue at its 55-62 day finish. Finished buds have a pungent/sweet velvety grap and slight vanilla flavor. Effect is strong with slight initial stimulation inspiring increased appetite (munchies) and a sedative after-effect."
  11. thanx for the info bro i couldnt find nothin on this strain lol thats tight dj taught his son the way :)
  12. Tobor the 8th Man

    Tobor the 8th Man Moderator Supporter

    That is way cool. Glad I could help.
  13. It is featured in The Big Book of Buds Volume 4 from Ed Rosenthal. His Cocoa Kush and Vanillaluna are also in the book.
  14. Aloha gang, I've had three grows with Whitaker Blues. One was indoors, and the other two outdoors in the Ohia Forrests of Puna on the Big Island. I'll first start by saying that 'Whitaker Blue's' was the first time I had ever grown a DJ Short strain,...or his son's for that matter. So I wasn't quite sure what to expect when plant starts growing. That's a good thing, right? That way I write an unbiased report on this strain.

    Let me ask my wife when she gets home, I know I have some more current pics of WB. My four girls are about four weeks into flowering. So I'll post pics later tonight if I can? Internet pretty,...well shitty at best here.
  15. Blaze


    I just pulled three WB's form my outdoor garden a few days ago. I'll report back how it smokes once it dries and cures.
  16. great to know thanx for stoppin in! :) cant wait for the smoke report!

  17. Ey im located in Santa Cruz, never heard of these guys.....Where is this collective located?
  18. im not sure where its located ive just heard of the strain....maybe Blaze can shed some light on the subject...

  19. okay, my WB have all tasted either of blueberry, or of some type of honey. It is a very nice switch from what I have been smoking as far as taste goes. It is quickly becoming a favorite of mine!
  20. it's unfortunate that I must rely on satellite from my new location on the Big Island. plus my time is limited to upload pics,docs etc. So I will try again right now to upload a couple of pics of Whitaker Blue's grown here in Puna.