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Who Grows In Coco, Anybody?

Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by 1diesel1, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. if anyone is knowledgeable in growing in coco and wants to help a kid out please PM me. I do not, I grow in soil. I’m trying to help a fellow member out that is not knowledgeable in coco growing. You have to be very knowledgeable and very, very I mean very patient (God damn it’s like a job description). Thanks
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  2. GT21

    GT21 I like soup Supporter

    I could point you in several directions but they aint patient.
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  3. Unit541


    Most of us probably switched to coco to address a patience deficiency.
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  4. Thanks for the reply’s. Might have found someone to help the kid out.
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  5. G gnome

    G gnome Moderator Staff Member

    @Thejoeybrown might fit the bill

    If its that kid who got trapped in his tent then let em rot in there!!!
  6. STOP, made me laugh so hard I peed myself. No comment. Lol
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  7. heisenbubble

    heisenbubble Moderator Staff Member

    I threw a couple plants in coco and gonna see if i like it,just using the water recirculting in my UC system to water the plants,Its alredy PH'd and nutrients are already in it.Considering using it to fast track moms to get cuts from instead of running them in other buckets.
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  8. Ok, coco growers tell us newbies why you use it, how you use it. The hole nine yards. Pros and cons. Then I’ll tell the fellow alls he needs to do is look at this thread.
    I want everything methods, watering, nutes.
    What ya say coco farmers?
  9. coco for moms for the win I can take nice cuts off plants in solo cups with straight coco. Your water system seems clutch and easy for coco
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  10. G gnome

    G gnome Moderator Staff Member

    Id say the info is out there....use the search button ftgdmfwmf'er!!!
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  11. I am doing a side by side. Coco/perlite and organic soil.
    Both get weekly tea, same seeds, same room, same fim. And..... Oh My what a difference!!
    If you have a day job and thia isnt ur occupation , or you cant get to em at least once a day to check ur rez ph and water em, then go soil.

    But hey if u F up the ph you can always put ur pot under running water and flush it.

    So many other benefits its hard to name them all.
    Soil=less work
    Coco=faster growth, more attention to ph and watering
    Hey its your bud,
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  12. heisenbubble

    heisenbubble Moderator Staff Member

    tired of watching the snail race in dirt
  13. We had a veg room we kinda let get out of control and we had 30 plants in 3 gals of coco that were easy 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide
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  14. G gnome

    G gnome Moderator Staff Member

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  15. Not 4' wide but 6' easily. 9 liter pots of coir.
    DSCN0777.JPG DSCN0788.JPG
  16. This was a while back took cuts and trashed the rest it was bad embarrassing is the only way to describe it plants were falling over things burnt not a fun time lol
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  17. PharmHand


  18. Half a gallon feeds every day.
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  19. G gnome

    G gnome Moderator Staff Member

    @justiceman has an awesome thread on the do's and don'ts of coco
  20. Did @Thejoeybrown ever give his opinion on coco vs the gnome mix?
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