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Who's Growing Tlo Style (the Rev)?

Discussion in 'Organic Soil' started by Perception, Jun 1, 2017.

  1. I've done a bunch of searching, and while people mention True Living Organics, there was less than I thought I'd find. I'm just curious who's growing TLO style, and how things have been going for you.

    I recently read the 2nd Edition of True Living Organics and loved it. I've been struggling through organic growing for about 12 months now, kind of just winging it and learning on the fly. The Rev filled in so many blanks for me... it's ridiculous. I was a little hesitant on all the additives he recommends in the 2.2 TLO recipe, but decided to just go with it, and give it a shot (by the book). Getting ready to mix up some soil and let it cook.

    Would love to hear love/hate stories from people who've been running TLO style.
  2. Finished collecting supplies
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  3. I have blindly followed revs old recipes with good results but keeping up with all his amendments is expensive.

  4. yeah, I'm wondering how things will pan out (cost-wise) over the long term once I start recycling soil. I think it was around $300 to get everything I needed to start, and would have been more had I not already had a few items.

    In his updated & revised book, he claims that he worked hard to trim down the number of amendments, so you might want to check it out if you are still growing TLO. Could save you some $ & effort. Although, I never saw the first edition recipes, so can't really speak from experience!
  5. I got the first edition. .havent used any of those..mainly bought it to support him since he freely helped me when he was still on the forum and mailed me some seeds one time too..careful of the recycling..that is why i am starting over this idea what has built up over 5 recycles.

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  6. Im doing a version of this as far as I can tell. The person I buy my soil from here in Butte county, Ca teaches a class called "The Science of Nature". He is a soil scientist of sorts and a producer of what seems to be top quality soil. He also has many an unconventional theory based on the work of Elaine Ingam. My results as of yet are lack luster. Last year the quality was high but the yields left a lot to be desired. I have tea brewing as I type so and the plants do respond well to it. So we'll see how things look in the morning.
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  7. G gnome

    G gnome

    Nice work shop!
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  8. Thanks! I was living in apartments for 8 years, and finally got a house a year ago. I can't describe with words, my happiness at having a shop space again.

    The garage is so nice for mixing soils! And hang drying after chop.
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  9. I feel the same way. I'm finding that True Organic soil growing is really an art, and is such a balance with nature rather than a formula. I feel like to a certain degree, you really have to become a pseudo-expert in soil.

    My results are good, but lackluster as well, which is why I'm going to experiment with TLO. Even compost teas... I have some good results and some poor. And when I analyze my teas under a microscope, I'm not seeing the same kind of microbe explosions that people like Elaine Ingham or Tim Wilson do in their photos. But, still decent, and plants do seem to love it (like you are seeing).

    Things got put on hold as I'm going to be traveling around labor day, but will be kicking off my TLO indoor grow in late September. I'm experimenting with some outdoor tomato plants in self watering containers (like the Rev likes to use). I just added high-N spikes to the tomatoes. Overall though, his method of lining the bottom of a self watering pot with perlite works great. My tomato plant has been wicking water up well. I'm diggin it.
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  10. I can dig it, sounds very interesting.
  11. One factor may be the age of the soil. I suspect that soil needs years to really set up properly.
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  12. DrMcSkunkins

    DrMcSkunkins Dabbling in Oil

    I think @Organikz is doing a carpeted no till living soil grow in an upstairs bedroom or somewhere...
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  13. It's hard to simulate true Organics in a pot because it is living but you are coming very close with your ingredients. The best advice I can give you to create true living soil is to rely heavily on organic compost tea you may also try micro risal fungi.
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  14. Where do I start...Have you ever heard of the soil food web? Its loaded with an endless loop supply of nutrients. It only takes 1 initial simple amendment and then you rely on worms, microherd of fungi, nematodes, and other arthropods to create your nutrients via the nutrient loop.

    Using enzymes and amino acids from coconut water and malted barley flour top dresses.

    In the beginning your virgin soil will require a little boost here and there and maybe a top dress of kelp meal and neem meal between each cycle.

    Utilizing legumes, ryegrass, along with other nitrogen fixers. Soil can be used forever in theory never needing to buy or make more.

    Would you like to learn more?

    Did you know you're breathing fertilizer? Stop wasting it.
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  15. There is so much LOL!
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  16. @Organikz ......."Would you like to learn more?"

    I do if have other sites to add to the ones I all ready listed or pdf's.
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  18. @Organikz ...that is a nice batch of pdf's...thank you
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  19. What's your aeration? I ask because perlite breaks down. Lava rock is most ideal. Mine ranges from dust to 3/4 pieces. After your 2nd cycle you should start amending every other
    Here's another good one. No till.revisited