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Working Safely

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by CelticEBE, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. I'd like to start this off with a little story. I've worked in a few different industries. One, which I still dabble in from time to time is Body Piercing. 9 years ago I was working in a shop in SFV and I met OrgnKid. He was getting lots of tattoo work done by the owner. Well, years before he had been involved in a bad bho accident. His upper body is covered in skin grafts from his lower body. I spent countless hours injecting him with lidocaine so he could get tattooed. For those of you who don't know it, getting tattooed over scar tissue hurts about 10x more than a regular tattoo. That being said, had some simple precautions been taken, this would not have been the case.

    Yesterday, I was reminded of this story, when I saw someone post about his process, which in my eyes was clearly unsafe. For a while I thought about just letting it go because I didn't want to be THE JERK. but then as I thought about it, not saying anything in my eyes would have made me a bigger jerk.

    If you are working with Solvents that are flammable, you need to take precautions and have protocols in place. It's also a good idea to have first aid equipment and an eyewash station on site as well.

    The more this industry grows, the more educated we need to become. The more accidents that occur, the more the man will step in and tell us we can no longer do what we want to.

    I'm gonna chime back in soon on a few things that I have learned over the years, and some of the steps I take to ensure I don't wind up covered in scar tissue. I'd do it now but I have about 3 more hours of work to do in the shop. Please, feel free to share your safety practices in here. If it helps one person become one less casualty, then it was well worth your time.
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  2. yes you're absolutely right. i had a guy up the street from me making illegal oil and lit a cigarette.didnt work out well for him. he didn't make it . i only make my oil outside and make sure there are no static sparks by wearing rubber gloves. peace.
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  3. This is THE reason I do NOT blast in residential area.

    Blow your own ass up cause your an idiot. NOT innocent people!
  4. One of my kids is a fire dept battalion chief,you should see the pics he has of dumbasses blowing up themselves and their houses.Its sad but its kind of a darwin thing,the weak minded weed themselves out.
  5. I struggle with that a bit. I'm all for the idiots weeding themselves out, but in the same right, the other side of me doesn't want anyone to get hurt, nor do I like governments cracking down on us because of the idiots.

    Some of it is just plain stupidity, and that you can't really fix, however some of it is due to ignorance, which imho can be fixed by presenting information in a clear manner.

    For instance. I wonder how many people out there make ISO slurries and use them in IGLOO containers. I did at first, until I learned that it was dangerous and then stopped. There are all sorts of little bits of info that we can all share, that will help prevent people from becoming casualties. Some of it absolutely goes without saying. Like working in a spark free environment. To me....that's a no brainer.
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