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Yellowing Spotting

Discussion in 'Basic Growing Information' started by Wahwahwahwah, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Is this something to worry about?
    IMG_20180810_1625371.jpg IMG_20180810_1629501.jpg
  2. Check your runoff of your of your plants and if it is higher than your feeding schedule states. If it is and your medium is soil than I would do a flush ratio of flush-flush-feed-flush check runoff.

    By Nute/ deficiency :toxicity view, looks like possibly sor ph being unstable or you have some salt build up. I wanna see your run off ppm number!

    My questions to you are:
    * what medium are using?
    * Do you check your ph?
    * runoff check?
    * Are you feeding what the manufacture is stateting or what the proper ppm/etc states for cannabis? Cause a lot f these manufactures have way too high to sell way more and don’t care if you burn your shit to hell.

    Answer some of those questions and I’m sure you will get more answers from me or others.
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  3. Jack og

    Jack og Moderator Staff Member

    Am I seeing bud rot as wel on last pic? Did u have PM ? Better pics would tell more , agree that we need more info on grow media, nutes, etc
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  4. How many weeks into flower?
    Honestly I’m no pro but I don’t see anything to stop drop n roll about. Yellowing. Even splotchy happens to me every single time in flower. Except when I started with miracle grow soil. Those stayed dark green. But had so much n in it.

    I would start where they said though n check runoff. You are sure of the ph and all of what you put in right? Usually yellowing in flower to me has been calmag or just the plant dropping leaves it no longer needs.

    Lower leaves definately would not worry about. New growth looks off that’s when I worry. I personally would even pluck the ugly ones off and open it up some more.
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  5. It would also be good to know how long you've been flowering. If you're almost done that's one thing but if you're only half what in this that's an entirely different situation.
  6. Here are some better pics.

    Growing medium is soil with heavy vermiculite added.
    Using FF Tiger Bloom as directed.
    20180811_130129.jpg 20180811_130141.jpg 20180811_130027.jpg
  7. Those new pics look better and how close to harvest are you?
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  8. Thinking Labor Day weekend. Looked at both colas in detail under a 40x loupe today and it still looked pretty early. Feel like it needs to bulk up some and trichomes fill in a bit more. Here is a typical flower.

  9. Is it normal for trichomes to look so brittle and dried out like that? I'm not talking shit I'm just asking a question I don't know an answer to.
  10. Yeah. Fck it....we're just gonna keep doing what we're doing. Let you know how it smokes in a few weeks. IMG_20180810_2246121.jpg IMG_20180810_2243111.jpg

    Seedsman cred. Freebies.
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  11. Jack og

    Jack og Moderator Staff Member

    Defoliate a bit, all lower fan leaves can go, some upper yellow as well. Feed her more molasses next feed. She is almost here and just needs to swell a bit. . Looks frosty as f* !!
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  12. Looks good .. fan leaves rarely look perfect in mid-late flower . Might just be asking for more nitrogen or ....?
    but this late in not good to add nitro boost .
    Happy Growing!!
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