1. C

    HPS light superior vs current led tech?

    ...during pruning. The base growing medium is half Canaidian Sphagnum peat moss (pH is 7.0) and half SILICA SAND ( HTH POOL FILTERING SAND #1). A 3" Layer of CPR and EVERYONE GROWS MEDICAL GRADE CANNIBIS. LED lighting is SUPERIOR TO HID1S 👍 Advanced Platinum Series is #1( has UV...
  2. Jimster

    Bud density

    There are two main ingredients to getting big tight nuggs. #1) Plenty of light. They need a LOT of light, otherwise they will grow wispy and #2) Genetics. Sativa and Sativa dominant strains give you longer and looser buds. It's just a characteristic of the plant. Indica is the plant strain...
  3. Jimster

    First Grow

    ...taking on these advance methods. It's not necessary to do any of those things to have a great grow. Seriously, all you need is a STRONG light (#1), Good Growing medium, a decent sized container (5 gal bucket), and generic fertilizer. This will allow you to grow 10' plants indoors in 3 months...
  4. Phylex

    West Coast Chronicles

    Update: Day 59 (photo bomb #1) no flash Tangie Birthday Cake Kush 9 Pound Hammer Gelat.OG pollinated with 9 Pound Hammer