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  1. D

    Calling all professionals on PM

    ...I'm gonna call major BS! I got fvcked by running a clients trim. 45lbs of it actually. He did sulfur burns all they flower (breaking rule #1). I washed it, evapd it, and started to spd it. It killed my 3000.00 vacuum pump and reaked like burnt sulfur. So please dont tell me sulfur degrades...
  2. Smoking Gun

    The New Project

    ...in the plants. They are taking up water at a much better rate, though now it is time to get my humidifier running. The Black Lime (Day 31) in flower is coming along well, starting to get nice and frosty and just starting to bulk up. The smell is starting to develop nicely as well. I am...
  3. justiceman

    Simple Water Only Grow

    ...definitely taking questions. Just to note I did add dolomite lime to the initial base mix(LC1s mix #2) before todays fertilizer amendments(Recipe #1). A few well known calcium amendments are Agricultural Lime(Usually pelleted and slower release), Dolomite Lime, Oyster shell flour, and...
  4. M

    SOIL PH STUCK IN THE 4'S, powdered hydrated lime, pulverized dolomite, bottles of ph up, nothing is helping

    ...read a few places it didnt matter that much in soil, had very mild leaf problems but chalked it up to the undefeatable gnats i had. (big mistake #1) after a little while i noticed cal mag def. im using tap water but w.e, bought a bottle of calimagic cal mag, used that a few waterings and...
  5. Beachwalker

    the beach house

    ...crosses going into bloom this evening so I've been prepping them up and taking my cuts.. Remo Chemo(#2) × Gunslinger Remo Chemo(#2) Remo Chemo(#1) Remo#2 is the legend with the leaf curl. Milder leaf curl can also be seen in the Remo Chemo × Gunslinger cross, Remo Chemo#1 has no leaf...
  6. Phylex

    West Coast Chronicles

    ...Not dry, but not squishy either. A little dry when ground, but very fluffy. Easy to roll. 6.9/10 - Bouquet – Definite Jack Herer influence (like #1). Also smells like fresh citrus vinyl flooring on the backend. 7.9/10 - Dry Hit (Joint) – GUAVA. Like the actual tree fruit, not the Kern's...
  7. C

    HPS light superior vs current led tech?

    ...during pruning. The base growing medium is half Canaidian Sphagnum peat moss (pH is 7.0) and half SILICA SAND ( HTH POOL FILTERING SAND #1). A 3" Layer of CPR and EVERYONE GROWS MEDICAL GRADE CANNIBIS. LED lighting is SUPERIOR TO HID10S 👍 Advanced Platinum Series is #1( has UV...
  8. Jimster

    Bud density

    There are two main ingredients to getting big tight nuggs. #1) Plenty of light. They need a LOT of light, otherwise they will grow wispy and #2) Genetics. Sativa and Sativa dominant strains give you longer and looser buds. It11s just a characteristic of the plant. Indica is the plant strain...
  9. Jimster

    First Grow

    ...taking on these advance methods. It12s not necessary to do any of those things to have a great grow. Seriously, all you need is a STRONG light (#1), Good Growing medium, a decent sized container (5 gal bucket), and generic fertilizer. This will allow you to grow 1013 plants indoors in 3 months...
  10. Phylex

    West Coast Chronicles

    Update: Day 59 (photo bomb #1) no flash Tangie Birthday Cake Kush 9 Pound Hammer Gelat.OG pollinated with 9 Pound Hammer