Usage for hash tag: 10s

  1. Bilber

    Jammin on it with a late/early start

    In a few more weeks I'll be starting some new strains that hopefully turn out keepable..... I've got 2 Northern Lights #10s in my veg for some reason....I hate to throw plants out.... The next run will probably be more cheezeball containers....smaller plants.....maybe the...
  2. Bilber

    Jammin on it with a late/early start

    ...of the two bagseeds in flower, I had some extra I threw 4 solos in the flower.....2 more bagseed candidates and 2 Northern Lights #10s...... In flower we have 4 Skywalker O.G.s, 1 Sweet Tooth, 1 Tropicana Cookies Purple , 1 Alien O.G., 2 Northern Lights #10s in solos, and 2...
  3. AnimalHouse

    Stoney's Spot Didn't even have to touch #4 to send him spinning. And dang SHR I thought would dominate just fell off. Sucks Larson got caught in #10s blowout. His Chevy was hangin' tough with all those Fords. On to COTA where it all began for me this week!!! Gonna be a mutha effer of working weekend...
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