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  1. MerryJane22

    Help with ideas for a "too early flowering outdoor plant"

    ...#1) She is a clone, maybe her mom was flowering? (I will ask the fellow as soon as I see him) he just handed it to me with zero instruction. #2) She had those long 20/4 lights her whole 7 weeks before I got her #3) There is something called 'bolting' that happens when plants experience...
  2. Egzoset

    Weapon Of Mass Seduction

    ...#1) draw a Containment Mark (in red) on the flat (Sphere/Top) Mating Junction around the perimeter of a Classic Bowl (dia. ~ 18.8 mm); #2) stop performing a twin-cut of the Screw Base half-way to this Containment Mark; #3) from the Flame Catcher side punch a couple Direct On-Top Core...
  3. sshz

    Archive Seeds "Light Speed"....... lollipop them and give them a good clean up. So out came all the "Light Speed" plants, see pic #1. That left the Ethos strain (9 plants) in the back, which now became easy to get to (Pic #2). Three of those were cleaned up when I took the picture, look at the 6 left still to do on the right.
  4. THCMonster

    Going organic in coco

    ...say Yes! You can! But theres rules: #1) you cant amend the coco with ANY organic material (wormcastings, bat guano, kelp meal... etc) #2) You have to use only liquid base fertilizers #3) You have to make sure you formulate a very effective PK booster! #4) You will have to formulate the...
  5. Beachwalker

    the beach house

    Remo Chemo (#2) × GPS Gunslinger Going to be fun trying this cross; she has an OG Kush type structure, even though she suffered from the high ph and the new newts issue she did pretty fair if I can fill these gaps in on these two-foot long colas next run I'll be happy! Both plants bud...
  6. justiceman

    Simple Water Only Grow

    Glad to have you here! I am definitely taking questions. Just to note I did add dolomite lime to the initial base mix(LC’s mix #2) before todays fertilizer amendments(Recipe #1). A few well known calcium amendments are Agricultural Lime(Usually pelleted and slower release), Dolomite Lime...
  7. myphisfooked

    SOIL PH STUCK IN THE 4'S, powdered hydrated lime, pulverized dolomite, bottles of ph up, nothing is helping

    ...the pellets take a long time to work, so i bought pulverized dolomite, gave them all like a quarter of a cup and switched to flower (big mistake #2) because i couldnt let the plants get any bigger. still, no change in ph. i tried flushing the plants, that lowered my ph a little from 5s to the...
  8. Beachwalker

    the beach house cloning got some Remo chemo and Remo crosses going into bloom this evening so I've been prepping them up and taking my cuts.. Remo Chemo(#2) × Gunslinger Remo Chemo(#2) Remo Chemo(#1) Remo#2 is the legend with the leaf curl. Milder leaf curl can also be seen in the Remo Chemo ×...
  9. Jimster

    Bud density

    There are two main ingredients to getting big tight nuggs. #1) Plenty of light. They need a LOT of light, otherwise they will grow wispy and #2) Genetics. Sativa and Sativa dominant strains give you longer and looser buds. It's just a characteristic of the plant. Indica is the plant strain...
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