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  1. UnderGreenSunn

    ViparSpectra Christmas New Year Giveaway - Special Gift

    ViparSpectra KS2500 250W LED Grow Light Big powerful light Coverage is optimal for my 3x3 #Canada #ViparSpectra @crossfader @sprinklememaynee @JadedMarxist @TheForechecker
  2. M

    Phlizon Autumn Sale & October Giveaway - FD6000-O 640W

    2592 diodes #Canada #Philizon
  3. indogrow420

    Spider Farmer Independence Day Giveaway-Spider Farmer SF2000 LED, and Heating Mat

    1: How many diodes does the SF2000 have? A: 600 pieces + 2 piece IR = 602 total #Canada #spiderfarmer #spiderfarmerled If I win I will start a grow journal and keep it updated 🔥
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