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    High Science - What the Brix! - An explainer of Brix & soil health reduced photosynthesis. A 100g sample of a solution that measures a 50 brix value, has 50g of sugars and other dissolved solids and it also has 50g of water. This should give you an idea for how actual sugar content relates to brix value. #ChadWestport #HighScience #Cannabis #Growing #TPC
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    High Science - Drought stress for better yields?

    ...grown by home cultivators and it doesn’t provide any research on how a synthetically fed plant would react to the same stresses. What do you think? Link to study - #ChadWestport #HighScience #CannabisGrowing #TPC
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    High Science : Apical Dominance - but wait, there’s more

    #ChadWestport #HighScience #CannabisGrowing #TPC Publication: Frontier Plant Science Peer Reviewed: Yes Authors: Tesfamichael H. Kebrom Published online 2017, Oct. 31 Title: A Growing Stem Inhibits Bud Outgrowth - The Overlooked Theory of Apical Dominance Most of the growers who are aware...
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    HighScience - HPS vs LED: What temp do I keep my canopy explained

    #ChadWestport #Lighting #LED #HPS #HighScience Publication: Plos One Peer Reviewed: Yes Authors: Jacob A Nelson and Bruce Bugbee Published online 2015, Oct. 8 Title: Analysis of Environmental Effects on Leaf Temperature under Sunlight, High Pressure Sodium and Light Emitting Diodes Why was I...
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