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  1. SchwiftyGrower

    New Journal - Blueberry x White Widow & Stardawg

    Day 28 Flower- #spiderfarmer grow diary competition entry #SFgrow End of week 4 today and will start dropping humidity and temps even more for the next 5 weeks. I also will be extending my dark period by an extra hour so I’m adjusting my timers for 11/13 for the remainder of the grow cycle...
  2. GrilledCheeze

    Purple Ghost Candy Grow Journal

  3. SpiderFarmerLED

    Spider Farmer LED Grow

    ...grand prize! Rules: 1.Showcase your grow diary with Spider Farmer product by photo or video 2.Publish your diary publicly and add hashtag #SFgrow (Publish on social media,private group,forum or 3.Submit your diary link by google entry form...
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