I've been growing for 36 years and breeding for 13. I seek to develop serious, stable strains, IBLs. I am on the hunt for honestly new varieties of cannabis using landraces, commercial seed stocks, elite clones and privately developed seed stocks. That said, I know the difference between that and pollen chucking and I am known to do that as well. Pollen chucking is a vital way of keeping an overall genetic diversity in the public library of cannabis genetics and phenotypes. They have been responsible for a great many incredible new varieties and elite clones. And a great many growers rely on such crossings to select unique plants to work with. I'm in it for the plants. I love growing this amazing plant. When I was a younger man I was blessed with the opportunity to live with and get to know a man that we all know and love for his tireless work for cannabis and its human friends and will forever mourn his passing. That man was the great Jack Herer. I along with a close friend of mine (also since passed) spent most of a year living with him in the 90's while we successfully campaigned in Oregon to decriminalize cannabis, and later to pass Oregon's Medical Bill. I met his family and got a crash course in the many relationships in the international cannabis movement. I was with him when he smoked his first joint of the Sensi Seeds strain named after him. I knew then that I was in it for good and I have a lovely cut of that strain I keep around to remind me of that moment. I have since worked with over 400 different 'strains'. I spent a number of years and continue to recover from a life altering injury that forced me to put much of my growing and breeding activity in a holding pattern. Recently though I have determined to up my game, and look forward to communicating and sharing with the good people on THCFarmer to support that goal.
Interior Pacific Northwest
Style of Grow
Whatever the plant asks me for.
Grow Room Profile
An old school hundred square feet, blazing lights and panda film.
Growing Medium or System
Again, whatever the plant asks me for.
Nutrients Feeds
I've used everything, these days I'm going simple. I really like highly diverse mycos and syrum.
Strains Currently Being Grown
BSeeds Silver Dog, Cannabiogen Destroyer, CBG Peyote Purple, Jamaican/Haze X Peyote Purp, BB.
Father, Husband and Renaissance Man



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