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    Veg: purpling fan leaves, nute deficiency issues

    Honestly calmag was the main reason i fed them just a hair of nutes at week 3. The stuff i fed them contains a good amount of cal mag, but also a veg portion of NPK. But then I started thinking lockout when it didn't improve. I water about every 3 days, but basically I just wait until I can't...
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    Veg: purpling fan leaves, nute deficiency issues

    Hello farmers. I have been trying to get on top of whatever is happening to my plants. I'm a noob still, as this is only my 2nd serious cannabis grow. I've grown crappy closet plants before, and I grow lots of chile peppers and hops and other non-THC crops outdoors. I think it could be P...
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    First Grow Problems

    I'm no expert by any means, but my guess would be too much nutes/maybe transplant shock. The yellowing insides of the upper leaves there, the burnt tips, and what looks like maybe a phos deficiency on the lower leaf there in 2nd pic make me think it's just got too much for a young plant and is...
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    Idk they keep growing tho!

    I have a plant looking just like that too, mine seem to grow taco and then flatten out though so I hadn't really done anything about it lol..
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    I’m dealing with Aliens

    Well that's pretty creepy.
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    EXOTIC Genetics grow journal

    Looks like they enjoy it in there!
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    Why Are My Leaves Growing Three Fingers? Let Me Tell You Why

    I had an interesting re-veg experience recently. I took clones from a plant about two-ish weeks into flower while doing some final lower pruning, and they did the normal curly leaves and big single blades and after a few weeks they're back to 5 blades again (this is not the interesting part)...
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    Big leaf trim

    Unfortunately, I have only grown indoors! I have some chilis and hops outside, but no herb. Chain link fences and close neighbors and whatnot. But i am fascinated with finding strains (of any crop) that do well outdoors in our relatively gnarly climate, so I'll be keeping an eye on your results!
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    Moldy bud

    Alcohol definitely won't kill the actual spores. It should probably keep them from growing though. Also if I'm not mistaken, the part that makes you sick is not usually the spores but the toxins molds produce from metabolism, which could still be present in the tincture.
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    Big leaf trim

    Nice to see another OK resident! Plants lookin good!
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    Emanon's Intro Thread

    Hello Farmers!! My state has recently legalized MMJ, and I am very glad to have an opportunity to grow some plants without fear. Also, I am chronically afflicted with the DIY bug, so growing my own really hits the spot. My current grow stats: 4x4x6.5' tent 3x Meizhi 450W LED panels 1x Agent...