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    HELP!! Powdery mildew at 42 days flower!!!

    Green Cure ever apply every 7 days and learn just to spray every year after the stretch to prevent from ever happening at all works great good luck
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    Old peyote flowering once again.

    Ever try any? Always wondered....
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    Help with fibro fatigue and pain.

    Look for a good hybrid 50/50 mix indica/sativa. There are many strains out there probably better to Google your question " What strains of marijuana Wil give pain relief without sedative effects" then Google grow journals on those strains and read review online of those strains then pick a...
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    Mega Crop Users ? Anyone Else Here Using It?

    Mega crop and golden tree 60 gallon planter this one in front is a nuken
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    Mega Crop Users ? Anyone Else Here Using It?

    Go on '' and look up nutrients and mega crop I found a few there that's all they posted using. Go look around on there and you should find them. After my plants got into their 60 gallon planters and started really growing I had to supplement with cal mag and I decided to add...
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    Is it my ph or roots? Please help!!

    Are the leaves shiny that have the damage? Broad mites leave very similar looking damage but the leaves have a waxy almost glossy effect. It is hard to tell in your pics what the true colour and appearance is without a more natural light. But if I were you I would use 60 x's magnification and...
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    Lets see your 2019 outdoor plants!

    3 × nuken 5 x Quebec gold express 2 x violator kush Small ones in solo cups in back hard to see but... 5 x power africa x mk ultra fast 4 x C99 x blueberry fast 2 x CB Dream 1 x pineapple express Heading for 50 gallon fabric planters next week. Good luck to all with their outdoor grows
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    Tell Me About Violator Kush...

    Have two on the go now. Started four weeks ago. I was sold on description of plants and love old world genetics. Unfortunately when you really dig into reviews there are several about it tasting horrible, not being a big producer etc etc. I personally love the Hindu Kush the smell is just...
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    Can I Plant Seeds In 100% Worm Castings?

    I tried last year mine didn't grow, I had a few auto seeds I threw in was mixed 70/30 worm castings to perlite. Strain was lamb's bread auto crop king, ive had success with their autos so I assume their is just too much of something in there. It's the whole to much of a good thing usually turns...
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    Mega Crop Users ? Anyone Else Here Using It?

    Thank u for the info @Buzzer777.
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    Mega Crop Users ? Anyone Else Here Using It?

    And why did it end up in hash pile? I have four going now in grow room and they are part of my summer crop. I'm concerned hearing that.
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    Mega Crop Users ? Anyone Else Here Using It?

    This is my first year running it. Always used advanced nutes in years past. Heard nothing but good things from the guys I know who do use it. No problems so far early in veg inside prepping for transplant outside. No deficiencies as of yet plants are little over month old taking half dose now...
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    1-3 Entirely Grey/silver Leaves?!

    Light burn move ur lights up imo