How can I get rid of slimy roots?

To correct any problems with current algae growth,follow the simple instructions here and the problem should be corrected in a few days.
  • Make a solution (the amount equivalent to the size of your bucket) with plain water and 10ml of H2o2 (Hydrogen peroxide) added per gallon of water.
  • Empty the bucket containing the algae growth and scrub well.
  • Pour the H2o2 solution into the bucket through the top of your net pot.
  • Let this sit for about 1/2 hour and then dump and rinse through the top of the net pot with plain pH adjusted (pH5.5) water.
  • Dump again and then fill with your standard nute solution with 5ml of H2o2 added.
  • In a few days,when no signs of the slime are visible,dump the bucket and fill with your standard nute solution.
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