How do I go from rockwool to a soil mix?

Rockwool minicubes provide the user with the convenience of being able to transplant rooted clones and seedling starts directly into soil with little or no transplant shock.

The minicube is simply planted into the soil, as deep as just below the first node (clones), or as high as just below the cotyledons (seedlings).
Be cautious with watering the first few days to avoid damping off.

Rockwool minicubes are the 1-1/2 inch square cubes, available wrapped on four sides with poly plastic which provides a handy place to write clone id numbers or dates. The plastic is removed just before transplanting them to soil or hydro. Grodan also makes unwrapped one inch cubes which are tapered to fit into divider trays.

Larger sizes of rockwool cubes can be transplanted to soil, but it's not recommended.
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