How to LST (Low Stress Training)

Thanks for the info. Will keep it in mind.
Did as close as I could. Helpful. Have page bookmark.
Excellent! I will try this! Thanks!
Well explained Thank you
pics would be nice....just a suggestion...im doing a milk crate....
Scotian Roc
You should use string, and 1st make an anchor loop tied around the base of the plant and tied to your pot (by poking a hole through it) and gently bend your plant over to a 90 degree angle and make a loop with the string and tie it to the pot in the opposite direction, after you've topped it. Then you can tie all the other shoots where you want and make a nice even canopy. Then you can top some more if you want and make lots of tops . Great for scrog
Very interactive way of growing plants! Will definitely give it a shot. Very informative article. Thanks!
cool stuff. great info for patients with plant limits.
have tried this method and really does work
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